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Professional development

At Repsol we strive to identify, develop and retain talent. We consider professional development to be a key factor in the company's success.

We view professional development as the evolution that each employee undergoes from the time they join the company and continuing as they take on different or more complex roles.

Professional development is an ongoing learning-based process, in which each employee’s involvement in defining their own career goals and fostering their own development is an essential factor. In this process, the role of the team leader is also essential as the one who continuously promotes the professional development of his or her employees.

Our professional development model is oriented to cover the company's needs, taking into account the individual's interests and motivations while prepared to respond to the changes the environment demands with a style of conduct based on our values.

Talent management

Managing and developing talent begins with identifying an individual's abilities, performance, knowledge and management style and defining a career and development plan that fits his or her profile.

The People review program is one of our organization's main talent management tools. It enables an employee's current and future position within the company to be comprehensively ascertained, reviewed and shared. It also facilitates the planning of development actions for the whole team. The program analyzes our employees in depth: their strengths, areas for improvement and professional profiles, and defines training plans in response to the areas for improvement. This program also enhances the identified strengths and the development of concrete actions including mobility within the organization. People are evaluated from three perspectives:

  • Current position and performance: achievements, key skills, strengths and areas for improvement according to the values, behavior and fit of each person and position.
  • Vision: potential for taking on more complex tasks, identification of future team managers / executives, technical career.
  • Development actions: proposals relating to training, development of the position and mobility.

The aim is for all the company's businesses and departments to review all personnel every two or three years.

Training and mobility, two key development tools

Repsol's learning model encourages collaboration, innovation and the passing on of experiences and best practices among employees. In this context, training and internal mobility are two tools that allow the company to look for new business opportunities, strengthen existing ones and achieve its business objectives.

We understand training to mean all learning processes by which a person becomes more competent in the performance of their tasks and increases their potential to hold jobs with different responsibility.

During 2014 we carried out 2,281 movements within the company, 12% of all Repsol personnel. Meanwhile 92.4% of the workforce received training.

Last updated: 17 March 2014

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