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10 reasons to work at Repsol

We are a global, integrated energy company with industry-leading positions in the upstream and downstream sectors. Our operations in more 40 countries are supported by our diverse, dedicated and professional team of employees around the world.

1. A global energy company

Repsol carries out exploration, production, refining and retail activities around the world under the highest international operating standards for the energy industry.

Repsol operations around the world

2. Solid business plan

The company has developed a clear strategy to achieve our business objectives Our plan identifies the most important projects for the coming years and focuses on specific areas that will guarantee the long-term growth of the company.

2016 Strategic Plan

3. Committed to society

Being among the largest private energy companies in the world requires a business culture that is based on strong values and a commitment to society that goes beyond our business objectives.

Find out more about our business philosophy

4. Committed to technological innovation

We believe that innovation drives growth and is essential for building a more sustainable energy future.

Read more about our work in technological innovation

5. Training as a key for development

Repsol values, promotes and facilitates the training of our employees as part of their personal and professional development.

Training-based management

6. The value of diversity

We understand that diversity is a competitive advantage in facing the future. That's why we promote diversity in terms of gender, nationality, culture, disabilities, age and professional profile.

We promote diversity in all of our activities

7. Professional development

Our global presence enables our employees to pursue diverse professional development opportunities such as working abroad or as part of an international team. At Repsol, we strongly value internal mobility which provides firsthand experience of the company's different businesses and the chance to take on different professional roles.

Repsol is acknowledged as being among the most attractive international workplaces because of highly competitive compensation and benefits packages and professional development opportunities.

Professional development, a key to success

8. The value of teamwork

Repsol has conducted regular workplace climate surveys since 2003 to gather employees’ opinions on different aspects of the company, ranging from organizational operations to the company's vision for the future.

According to our recent surveys, 87% of employees feel proud to be part of Repsol.

Employee satisfaction

9. Competitive salary and benefits packages

The company offers very competitive employee benefits and provides continuous training and professional growth opportunities.

Learn about our compensation packages

10. Work-life flexibility

The company's support for work-life flexibility reflects our desire to improve the well-being of those who form the Repsol team, our most valuable resource.

Repsol values, promotes and facilitates the work-life flexibility of its employees.

The value of work-life flexibility

*Consolidated data after the acquisition of Talisman.

Last updated: 17 March 2014

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