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At Repsol we work to reinforce our position as:

A global company that seeks the well-being of society and that is a step ahead in building a better future through the development of smart energy.    

With effort, talent and enthusiasm, we are working toward delivering the best energy solutions for society and the planet.  

Repsol's vision is based on seven fundamental aspects:

Repsol team
Our Team is made up of committed people who share a project for the future whose success is based on proactivity, an innovative attitude, leadership and professional and personal development.

Environmental commitment

We are committed to generating clean energy and minimizing our environmental impact, while operating safely and reliably.

Social Responsibility

At Repsol we respond to the world’s current and future energy needs while making an effort to respect and develop the communities we do business in.

Technological innovation

We are continuously seeking new and eco-efficient energy solutions. We actively participate in developing technologies that will lead to a more sustainable future.


Transparency is a key value at Repsol. We are committed to acting ethically, offering relevant, honest information and maintaining an open dialogue with our stakeholders.

Trusted products and services

At Repsol we gain the trust of our customers and the community at large with innovative and differentiated products and services that offer real value and an emotional link to our Repsol brand.

Solid business growth

We are an integrated company with exceptional financial strength. We work toward solid business growth in the medium and long term. That growth is a result of our business strategy, the integration of our business, and our successful projects. Our constant focus on value creation makes us a leader in the energy sector.

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