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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Repsol is one of the main LPG retail distribution companies in the world.

We operate in four countries in Europe and Latin America, hold leading positions in Portugal and Ecuador and are the main distributors in Spain and Peru.

The LPG business helps Repsol advance along the road to excellence through its commitment to customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, partners and the broader community.

In Spain, we distribute Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in bottles, in bulk, AutoGas and piped through collective distribution networks. Our network of 215 distribution agencies provides nationwide service for our bottled LPG customers.

In Portugal, we distribute LPG in bottles, in bulk, AutoGas and piped and we supply other operators.

In Latin America, Ecuador and Peru specifically, we sell bottled, bulk, piped and automotive LPG, for the domestic, commercial and industrial markets.

LPG for automobiles: Autogas

AutoGas is the most widely-used alternative fuel in the world, used in over 21 million vehicles. This fuel is more economical and helps to preserve air quality in cities.

Although its penetration of the Spanish market is still limited, the industry estimates that in 2017 more than 200,000 vehicles powered by AutoGas will be put into circulation.

At Repsol we are working on continuous improvement to LPG identifying opportunities and analyzing needs. Thus, the implementation of these actions allows us to improve the competitiveness of our business, increasing its efficiency.

Energy developments

At Repsol we help our customers to choose, implement and maintain the best solution for their needs, with the goal of achieving the best energy efficiency and optimizing economic costs.

Through Repsol's Energy Developments we offer a series of solutions, such as:

  • SolarGas. The perfect combination of solar energy and gas energy.
  • Micro cogeneration. Highly energy efficient unit equipped with a gas-powered motor or turbine, to produce heat and electricity simultaneously.
  • Gas powered heat pump. Highly efficient climate-control system that takes advantage of heat from a renewable source such as air (aerothermal energy).
  • Efficient conventional technologies. Boilers and advanced distribution and control systems.
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C/ Méndez Álvaro, 44
28045, Madrid (Spain)
Tel: (34) 91 75 38 100 / (34) 91 75 38 000
Fax: (34) 902 303 145

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