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Industrial Complexes

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Repsol has five refineries in Spain and one in Peru.

We have chosen a highly efficient and integrated refining system in our various industrial complexes, allowing us to respond to European market demands.

Our integrated refining system includes five interconnected refineries that operate as one. We have a unique logistical advantage and access to the two largest European distribution hubs: the Atlantic Ocean, with our A Coruña and Bilbao complexes; and the Mediterranean Sea, with those in Cartagena and Tarragona.

In addition, we have the Puertollano refinery near the area with the greatest oil demand in Spain: Madrid.

Our conversion rate, or our capacity to produce the greatest quantity of light products from crude oil, is among the highest in Europe. At Repsol we are able to process almost any type of oil, including the heaviest and cheapest, and to produce motor and heating fuels of the high quality the market demands.

New Fuel Oil Reduction Unit in Bilbao

We have invested more than €1 billion in the expansion of the Petronor refinery, allowing us to guarantee the continuity of one of the refineries with greatest installed capacity in Spain.

It can process 12 million tonnes of crude oil a year, and includes the noteworthy High Energy Efficiency Cogeneration Unit, which reduces CO2 emissions and promotes compliance with the Kyoto Protocol.

Cartagena Refinery, the largest investment in Spain

This is the largest industrial project in the history of Spain, with approximately €3.1 billion invested and the participation of over 20,000 people.

With average employment of 3,000 people over three years, Cartagena continues to have a positive impact on the exploration phase. The refinery is a modern facility and is among the most efficient in Europe, from an energy and environmental perspective.

Through the efforts of thousands of people we have made Cartagena into one of the largest refining industrial complexes in Europe. Thirty new plants  see the start a new production phase. Furthermore, their design, construction and start-up has allowed us to obtain know-how in large-scale projects and to better ourselves in technology and logistics.

Learn about the Cartagena Industrial Complex (Only available in Spanish)

Cartagena and Bilbao, among the best in Europe

The Cartagena and Bilbao refineries deserve special mention following the commissioning of their expansions, as they are now at the forefront of industrial complexes with the greatest conversion capacity in Europe, measured using the FCC equivalent ratio (% of conversion per million barrels processed per day).

Graph - FCC equivalent in Europe

This also allows for:

  • Increased distilling and conversion capacity of the refining system to maximize production of middle distillates, in a clearly deficient environment, decreasing production of fuel oils and processing heavier crude oils.
  • Improved energy efficiency, safety and respect for the environment.

The expansion of the Cartagena Refinery has made the Escombreras valley an energy and industrial hub in the Region of Murcia. The impact of the modernized facilities, which entailed the largest industrial investment in Spain's history, has created wealth and employment in the area.

Moreover, the expansion of the Petronor refinery in Bilbao has also resulted in greater efficiency and improved refining margins.

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