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Energy context

Energy is fundamental to improving the quality of life for people around the world. At Repsol we believe understanding the worldwide energy context is essential. It is especially important to understand the situation of oil and fossil fuels, which will continue to be our primary source of energy in the short, medium and long term.

In this section we provide information based on official data from the world's top energy and economic organizations. This information is essential for understanding the factors that influence fluctuations in energy demand and prices that are linked to economic cycles.

The information summarized in this section includes the most recent economic forecasts; the current situation and forecasts for the energy market from now until 2030; the geographic distribution of oil and natural gas reserves across the world; the evolution of benchmark prices for oil and natural gas; and the evolution of the oil market. These reports offer a clear and objective overview of the factors that influence today's energy world.

  • Energy and financial context

    Economic growth forecasts help us learn how the energy sector will evolve in the future. Repsol's Environmental Study and Analysis Department periodically publishes a report that analyzes economic growth forecasts and the Financial Stability Report produced by the International Monetary Fund.

  • World energy outlook

    Understanding how energy is consumed and from which sources it is derived is essential to being able to analyze the challenges we will face in the future. This section includes all the relevant data and predictions from the International Energy Agency (IEA).

  • Resource geopolitics

    Oil and natural gas together provide more than half of the primary energy consumed worldwide. That is why it is important to distinguish between the countries that produce these resources and those that demand them.

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