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How to contact us

In this section you will find information on our headquarters in Spain and relevant information about our main offices and contact details for each area of the company.

Repsol worldwide

Addresses and telephone numbers of Repsol offices in the countries where we are present.

Products and Services

Customer Service Lines for Repsol products and services.

Corporate Responsibility

Information and contact details of the corporate responsibility area.

Shareholders and Investors

Contact details for the Shareholders and Investors Department.


Contact details for the Division of Communication and Press.

Corporate Marketing

Contact details for the Corporate Marketing Division which includes the Advertising, Sponsorship and Branding departments.


Email address for Repsol's Human Resources department to clear up any doubts regarding the company's recruitment process.

Give us your feedback

Write to us with any query, suggestion or complaint. We're here to listen.

Make a suggestion

Help us to improve our information and contact services by giving us your opinion or making a suggestion.

Make a complaint

Register any complaints you may have and monitor them using this communication channel.

Suppliers' Area

See Repsol's general purchasing and contracting conditions on a country by country basis

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