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About us

Global energy company

At Repsol, we transform energy in order to bring it closer to people, and we do it on a global scale. We adapt ourselves to the local surroundings in which we operate, making the most of the skills base available, and above all, accepting the diversity of nationalities, languages and cultures as a crucial value.

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At the Forefront in R&D

At Repsol, we define ourselves through our development of cutting-edge technology. Our main objective is to carry out the highest level of research for the creation of products that build and ensure a sustainable future.

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A leader and expert in our sector

Awarded with numerous prizes and recognition, Repsol's employees work to move ahead into the future and to continue being pioneers in the development of new products and procedures.

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Committed to society

The transparent and honest management which oversees our daily work constitutes a key aspect in the management of our activities.

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Facing up to the present and building the future

At Repsol, the search for alternative energy sources in the move towards a sustainable future is a priority. We innovate and promote creativity in our researchers, encouraging them to develop products that are efficient and low in carbon.

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Responsible in all areas of action

We attend to current and future energy requirements under the parameters of respect and development in the communities where we work, encouraging dialogue and good neighbourly relationships.

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Suppliers' Area

See Repsol's general purchasing and contracting conditions on a country by country basis

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