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Transforming energy

Repsol works on projects aimed at developing increasingly efficient energy management to help face the energy realities of today and tomorrow.

The company invests in projects that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and works on converting CO2 so it can be reintroduced into the cycle as a raw material.

Repsol believes in constant improvement and projects such as smart asphalts, the co-processing of vegetable oils and efficient plastics that are placing Spain at the forefront of technology.

Refining: Refineries are one of Repsol's main assets. With an investment of over €4 billion, their integrated refining system uses the latest technology, consisting of five interconnected refineries that operate as one.
Smart asphalts: A strategic project that aims to create safer roads that reduce energy consumption.
Efficient self-healing plastics: Repsol has developed a new generation of environmentally friendly plastics that can improve several fields and sectors.
CO2 capture and transformation: This research project aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and investigate new methods for giving them new functions.
Luxhor: The LUXHOR Project came about in response to the urgent demand for technology that will make it possible to generate energy with a small carbon footprint, promoting efficiency and society’s wellbeing.
NEOSPOL: A project that represents one of the latest innovations developed by the scientists and researchers at the Repsol Technology Center, marking a huge qualitative leap forward in the field of polymers.
Advanced biotecnology: Biotechnology is one of the disciplines set to revolutionize scientific research. This involves set of techniques that studies and uses live biological systems and organisms to create or modify products.
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Repsol Technology Center

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28935 Mostoles, Madrid

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