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Vegetable oil co-processing project

The vegetable oil co-processing project is an initiative that aims to provide an innovative alternative in adding new biofuels to the suite of existing conventional fuels.

With this project Repsol aims to demonstrate the technical viability of producing biofuels on the industrial scale, specifically diesel and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). This is achieved by co-processing vegetable oils in conventional hydro-treating units for middle distillates.

Implementing this technology for the hydro-treatment of vegetable oils enables Repsol to produce renewable fuel that meets European specifications. Repsol's quality guarantee has the full acceptance of automotive manufacturers due to its products' exceptional properties in diesel engines (high octane, high density, low aromatics and high stability).

They are currently being used in fuels produced by Repsol: ETBE in gasoline and biodiesel and FAME in diesel. This project forms part of the National Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation Plan for 2008-2011 and is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).

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This development originated with the CENIT PIIBE Project (2006-2009 Innovation Project for the Promotion of Biodiesel in Spain), led by Repsol with the collaboration of CDTI and 12 other sector companies as well as more than 20 public research centers and a budget of almost €23 million.

This project generated innovative results in the field of biodiesel, which will gradually be tested at the industrial scale to complete its development through market implementation.

Several stages have been covered since this line of research began, first within the CENIT-PIIBE project and later in the company's internal research projects, to finally reach the industrial scale: selection and classification of the most appropriate raw materials, studies at the laboratory scale and pilot plant, and evaluation of the technical-economic viability for application in an industrial unit.

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"Repsol is researching the viability of producing renewable fuel on an industrial scale."


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