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Innovative projects

Through an array of research projects, Repsol develops the necessary expertise to offer innovative solutions in all spheres of the energy process, from the exploration of hydrocarbons to their transformation into products with greater added valued for society. Repsol works to create energy systems that are safer, more efficient and more environmentally sustainable.

Our research projects drive continuous improvement in the process of searching for new deposits, to the point that at Repsol we have achieved the highest exploration success rate in the industry of 33% in 2014

Repsol understands society’s growing energy needs and believes optimizing the use of natural resources is an efficient method for creating a better energy model. Self-repairing plastics, electric cars or new methods for obtaining energy such as producing oils through spurge algae, are just a few examples of how Repsol's researchers are working to create an energy future that is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Repsol also works on pioneering projects to generate more efficient production systems


Searching for more energy

At Repsol we have developed sophisticated detection systems and other technology that makes our exploration success rate the best in the industry.

Energy for transportation

Repsol has developed technologies capable of adapting to the latest transportation needs.

Transforming energy

Repsol researches ways to create and transform materials to develop more environmentally sustainable products.

Working with the best

Many of our projects and ideas have resulted from collaboration with networks of the brightest students and professionals.

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