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Innovation and Technology

At Repsol, we work daily to confront the energy challenges of today and the future. We are committed to preserving the environment and applying innovative technologies for all of our projects. At Repsol we believe in innovation as the key to building a more efficient and sustainable energy model. The Repsol Technology Center is where we develop the innovative ideas that will change our future


The energy situation

Repsol is committed to technological innovation as the driving force for new, safer, efficient and sustainable energy systems.

Repsol Technology Center

Repsol's Technology Center leads the way in Europe. We believe in making research and technological innovation the mainstay of our processes and products.


At Repsol we work to create energy systems that are increasingly more safe, efficient and sustainable for the environment while serving society's needs.

Networking with the best

Repsol promotes and encourages technological creativity by supporting programs for universities, new entrepreneurs and existing companies.


Repsol Technology Center

Autovía de Extremadura, S/N  

28935 Mostoles, Madrid

Telephone: (34) 913 48 76 00 

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