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Safety culture

Safety culture

Safety culture

With the Leadership in Safety and Environment Plan we are advancing towards our goal of zero accidents.

We place the focus on people, their values and beliefs, their behaviors and attitudes toward safety in order to reduce the number of incidents caused by human error. 

Our safety culture helps us to consolidate best practices, safe behaviors, and high safety standards throughout the entire organization, improving our performance.

Metodología diagnóstico

Culture model and diagnosis methodology

We have defined methods to assess our safety culture and its maturity level at every single one of our facilities, so that we can implement improvement plans adapted to each situation.
Plan de liderazgo

Leadership plan

We promote the investigation of incidents in order to identy their root causes so that we can introduce improvements and learn from this experience to avoid similar incidents in the future. 
Effective incident management is a key part of a proactive safety culture.
Formación, comunicación y concienciación

Training, communication, and raising awareness

In terms of safety, training is one of the most effective ways to manage it better and improve performance as well as prevent situations of risk. 

Our main training programs are concerned with risk management, incident management, and leadership in safety, as well as safety for transportation and people, fire prevention, and emergency plans.

Sensibilización a contratistas

Contractor awareness

Raising all of our contractors' awareness is fundamental. We share with them our safety culture, asking that they acquire the necessary training in order to perform their activities within our organization. 

We launch various campaigns to inform people about the projects being developed in the company, and we reward contracted companies for demonstrating excellent performance in terms of safety.