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Responsible tax policy

Tax contribution by country

Committed to paying taxes responsibly in the countries where we operate

Paying taxes responsibly

In 2018, Repsol paid €13.6 billion in taxes and similar public fees, and filed over 48,000 tax returns.

Total tax contribution

The Repsol Group's total tax contribution for 2018.
In 2018, the Repsol Group's total tax contribution amounted to 52.9%. This means that 52.9% out of the total net income before tax went to paying taxes.

Taxes paid globally in 2018 by tax type

Chart of taxes paid globally in 2018 by tax type.

To understand the tax contribution paid by the Repsol Group, the following criteria must be taken into consideration:

  • Taxes paid are divided into those that involve an expense for the company that lower its profit (corporation tax, tax on production, social contributions paid by the company, etc.) and those that do not lower profit because they are withheld or impact the end taxpayer (e.g. added value tax, tax on hydrocarbon sales, withholding taxes, etc.). The former are called "Tax Burden" and latter "Taxes Collected."
  • Only taxes effectively paid during the financial year are accounted for. Therefore, we don't include, for example, taxes accrued during the period but that will be paid in the future. Refunds from previous years are also not included.

Regulatory compliance

We are aware of our responsibility in the the economic development of the communities in which we are present and that our contributions represent a significant part of the economy in the countries where we operate. Our taxes represent a significant contribution to the economies of the countries where we carry out our activities, and we are therefore  committed to:

  • Complying with the law, respecting both the letter and spirit of the law
  • Applying the “arms length” principle in our intra-group transactions
  • Adopting our tax decisions based on solid economic or business reasons or on commonly accepted practices, avoiding abusive tax planning schemes or practices
  • Not using opaque or contrived corporate structures to hide or reduce the transparency of our activities
  • Providing true, complete information on our transactions
  • Aiming for certainty, stability, and predictability in terms of the tax criteria applied by administrations by using procedures set out in regulations and collaborating with tax authorities (prior agreements, tax consultations, etc.)
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Corporate tax policy

Adopted by the Repsol, S.A. Board of Directors on November 25th, 2015.
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Public transparency guides our approach to tax matters.