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Find out about our Company’s annual sustainability performance

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    Integrated Management Report

    A report offering a global vision of our performance, including financial information and sustainability.
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    All of the information about our sustainability management over the years.

Our Sustainability Plans

Every year, we renew our commitment to sustainability through specific actions that respond to our stakeholders' expectations and are brought to life through our Global Sustainability Plan, as well as in the country and operating center-specific plans.

Global plan
Plans by country
Plans by operating center
Plans by issue area
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Global plan

We have a global plan based on our sustainability model that includes medium-term objectives, in addition to annual lines of action regarding ethics and transparency, people, safe operation, the environment, climate change, and innovation and technology.
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Plans by country

The country-specific sustainability plans include specific initiatives and measures that meet our stakeholders' expectations and ensure our global sustainability plan is rolled out at a local level. We currently have country plans for Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, Indonesia, Libya, Malaysia, Norway, Peru, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela, and Vietnam.
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Plans by operating center

The sustainability plans for each operating center ensure our global sustainability plan is rolled out at a local level and include specific initiatives and measures that meet our stakeholders' expectations.

See the plans for our operating centers in A Coruña, Cartagena, Petronor, Puertollano, Sines, and Tarragona.

Sustainability plans by issue area. Image of grass close up and oil facilities in the background.

Plans by issue area

Learn more about the actions of our local sustainability plans of countries and industrial complexes compiled by each of the pillars of our Sustainability Model: Ethics and Transparency, People, Safe Operation, Environment, Climate Change and Innovation and Technology.
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Other related reports

Take a look at other reports on the most current sustainability topics, with data from all of our activities.
  • Our partnerships

    At Repsol, we seek to work and collaborate with other entities and organizations to continue improving our sustainability performance, and therefore take part in diverse global and sectoral initiatives.

Take a look at our sustainability KPIs on our interactive tool

  • CO2e was reduced by 4.9 Mt from 2006 to 2018
  • 34% of water withdrawn was reused in 2018
  • 200,000+ hours of safety training in 2018
  • 25,000+ employees representing 83 nationalities
  • €21 M in voluntary social investment in 2018