View of an operator with safety goggles and crane in background

Health, Safety, and Environment Policy

Our aim is to carry out all the activities of the Company considering the health of people, safety, and protection of the environment as essential values. Our goal lies also in advancing progressively towards excellence, while carrying out systematic actions for improvement aligned with the challenges and objectives of each business unit and department.


Our commitments

  • Leadership and culture: Management will promote a culture of health, safety, environmental protection and integrated management, promoting appropriate risk perception, transparency and confidence in reporting, continuous learning, and innovation.
    • The Corporate Executive Committee leads the health, safety, and environmental protection programmes, considering them a priority in decision-making. They provide the necessary resources and ensure that all staff members have the necessary skills and work in accordance with the established principles.
  • Including safety and environment criteria throughout our activities’ life-cycle: Ensuring proactive risk management throughout the activity cycle to prevent damages to people and assets while minimising the impact of our operations on the environment. 
  • Establishing the appropriate means to prevent major accidents and limit their consequences.
  • Integrated management.:Integrating health, safety, and the environmental protection in the business management’s chain of command. Business management teams will be responsible for implementing the management system and achieving results.
  • Compliance with regulations: Meeting the legal requirements in force at each location, as well as the established internal regulations, which are drafted taking into account legislative trends and international standards, as well as other commitments that the organisation subscribes with its stakeholders and planning accordingly.
  • Continual improvement: Establishing objectives and goals for improvement, systematically taking into account the requirements of stakeholders, continuously assessing performance, applying the necessary corrections to achieve the proposed goals, and establishing verification, auditing, and control processes to ensure that objectives are met.
  • Communication and relationship with societies: Building and maintaining communication channels with stakeholders. working collaboratively with local communities and society, contributing knowledge and informing stakeholders reliably and transparently.

Whatever the position or geographic location, all our employees are responsible for their own safety, in addition to contributing to individual and collective health, safety and environmental performance.

If there is any conflict between safety and operational results, all our employees have the responsibility of choosing safety. Management will always support this choice.

All Repsol employees are responsible for complying with this policy.

This policy was approved by the Repsol Corporate Executive Committee on March 21, 2017.