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Six pillars to be sustainable
  • Listening to our stakeholders

    We identify and prioritize the economic, social, and environmental issues that matter the most to our stakeholders to integrate them into our company's decision-making process.
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  • We implement action plans supported by upper management

Antonio Brufau

Antonio Brufau, Repsol Chairman

"Our goal is to use natural resources responsibly and develop even more energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies."
Josu Jon Imaz

Josu Jon Imaz, Repsol CEO

"At Repsol we are decidedly and continuously committed to sustainability. It is essential for creating value, now and in the future, for society and, therefore, our Company."
Sustainable development goals logo

Aligning with the SDGs

We work to fulfill Sustainable Development Goals such as providing affordable, clean energy (SDG 7) and taking climate action (SDG 13), which are defined in the United Nations Global Compact to build a better world.
  • Working towards sustainability for nearly 20 years

    Our commitment is nothing new. For the last 20 years, we have been taking steps that bring us increasingly closer to achieving our goals.