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Governance bodies

Órganos de gobierno

A sustainable commitment

We can depend on the resolute support and involvement of upper management, who define the company's sustainability objectives, action plans, and practices.


“We focus our activities on becoming an even more sustainable and competitive company that's responsible with our employees, the environment, human rights, and the development of the areas where we operate."

Josu Jon Imaz, Repsol CEO

Sustainability is solidly integrated into our structure and internally managed through three committees skilled in this area: Sustainability Committee, Audit and Control Committee, and Ethics and Compliance Committee.

The Sustainability Committee is an independent body that reports directly to Repsol's Board of Directors and has supervisory, informative, advisory, and proposal functions in the environmental, social, and safety spheres.

Main functions of the Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee assumes the following functions, among others:

1. Know and orient our policy, objectives, and sustainability guidelines.

2. Regularly review our sustainability performance.

3. Analyze and inform the Board of Directors of the expectations of our different stakeholders.

4. Propose the approval of the sustainability model and policy.

5. Supervise the ways in which we relate with the different stakeholders.

6. Promote, orient, and supervise our sustainability-related objectives, action plans, and practices.

7. Review and assess non-financial risk management and control systems.

The Audit and Control Committee ensures the fulfillment of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, examines projects related to codes of ethics and business conduct and changes made to them, and ensures fulfillment of regulations.

The Ethics and Compliance Committee manages the monitoring and compliance system for the Code it's named after and is multidisciplinary in nature.

Governance bodies chart

Executive committee

Executive committee

This committee is in charge of deploying the Sustainability Plan in all the countries where we operate. The business committees and the management committees of our industrial complexes also pitch in to accomplish this task. These are the governance functions that it assumes:

  • Define the long-term objectives.
  • Prepare the action plans, indicators, and road maps.
  • Announce advances in objectives, indicators, and road maps.
  • Analyze the impact on our stakeholders.
  • Global company crisis management in safety, health, ethical, political, and social issues.

Framework for action

Our Sustainability Model is based on a series of policies developed over the course of more than ten years, designed to help us to incorporate ethical, environmental, and social considerations into the decision-making processes linked to our operations.