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Human rights

Incident reporting channels

These mechanisms strengthen our relationship with our stakeholders

Effective communication channels following the UN model

We set up incident reporting channels to attend to claims, concerns, and complaints from communities in the areas where we operate. This is our approach to how we anticipate and respond to possible consequences that may arise due to company activities.
In 2016, we received 148 human rights claims: 119 were resolved and 29 are being processed.

These reporting channels, also known as grievance mechanisms, have two main purposes:

  1. To contribute to identifying any adverse human rights impacts and provide a means for people who are directly affected to raise a concern.
  2. To enable the company to address any adverse impacts and to make any necessary reparations early and directly. 

The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights lay out that incident reporting channels must be:

  • Legal: according to regulation.
  • Accessible and well known: existing incident reporting channels must be publicized.
  • Predictable: clear and easy to use.
  • Fair: with reasonable access, so that the claim process can take place on fair, informed, and respectful terms.
  • Transparent: they keep people directly affected informed about the progress of the claim process.
  • Rights-compatible: the outcomes ensure the protection of people's privacy and the confidentiality of the process.
  • Flexible: regarded as a source of continuous learning which becomes a mechanism that is continually being perfected and improved.
Our ambition lies in enabling these mechanisms to significantly contribute to the sustainability of our operations.

Promoting dialogue and communication

We undertook our commitment to human rights and laid it out in our codes of conduct, policies, rules of procedure, and framework agreements that govern all our actions.

Our Human Rights and Community Relations Policy specifically outlines a commitment to establish incident reporting channels in local areas that adapt to each particular activity from the moment it begins and as early on as possible in the planning of the project. Ultimately, the aim is for people directly affected by company operations to be able to raise any potential human rights concerns.

As of today, there is a reporting channel for most of our operations to handle claims mainly from local communities but also from suppliers, contractors, and other organizations. The implementation of our incident reporting channels follows an extensive process based on the following system:

Training and awareness system