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  • Diversity and equal opportunities

    We promote equal opportunities at our Company through our commitment to generational, cultural, professional, gender, and ability diversity. For this we have a Diversity and Work-Life Balance Committee whose job it is to ensure and promote diversity and work-life balance for all employees.
A group of Repsol employees standing together in front of a glass wall.

Committed to our employees

Our dedication to providing training, work-life balance, and benefits packages helps explain our high rate of talent retention.
Repsol employees taking their colorful gym bags somewhere.

Health and well-being

We take care of our employees' health and the health of everyone involved in our activities throughout our value chain.
A view of employees enjoying the Repsol Campus garden.

Employee-Company relations

We encourage and promote dialogue with our employees and their representatives to improve the work environment and guarantee satisfactory working conditions.
View of two canteens on tweo separate floors at Repsol Campus.

Sustainability indicators

Use an interactive tool to learn about the indicators related to the people who make up Repsol.