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Diversity and inclusion

People with disabilities

We view diversity as a driver of innovation and that is why we encourage continuous improvement and equal opportunities by integrating people with disabilities.

Diversity and disabilities

Generational diversity and a mix of different profiles, cultures, genders, and disabilities contribute to the generation of ideas and innovative perspectives and are an essential tool for addressing new social challenges.
These and other measures are reflected in our Climate surveys, which reveal that interacting with a diversified group is one of the aspects that our employees rate most highly, and demonstrate that sharing different realities and experiences represents one of our greatest competitive edges as a Company. 
We work tirelessly to continue advancing in how we manage disabilities and we have specific publications discussing our experiences in this area.

Diverse Talent

In 2005 we launched our project to integrate people with disabilities as a demonstration of our commitment to creating equal opportunities. Since then, the program has contributed to the Company’s cultural evolution, fostering diversity as a key component to our competitive advantage.

In 2009 we discussed our experience in the White Paper on the Integration of People with Disabilities entitled “From words to actions”, and in 2015 we published the second edition, called Diverse Talent, which describes the progress we have made since 2009. With the expert collaboration of ILUNION, Diverse Talent takes a global look at how we have advanced in terms of prevention and accessibility, and how our corporate culture has evolved from our values as a Company.

Diverse Talent is divided into five sections: 

  • Repsol's Inclusion of People with Disabilities Program.
  • Disabilities: from the integration to the inclusion of people. 
  • Universal accessibility: Company strategy and business value. 
  • Responsibility and values: beyond legal requirements. 
  • Assessment of the program and challenges for the future: reflections to continue moving forward.


Diverse talent: The expansion of a great project

The implementation of the project to integrate people with disabilities at Repsol was launched in 2005 as part of the senior management's firm commitment to equal opportunities and in accordance with the Company's culture and values. This program was created as a corporate project and has contributed a significant cultural evolution of the Company and a firm commitment to the diversity management in the Company.