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Socially responsible investors

Reports and presentations

Presentations and reports

Information for socially responsible investors

We bring together all the presentations which we at Repsol have given to all our socially responsible investors in one single space. Here, you can find interesting information related to our vision and performance.  

ESG Roadshows

See the presentations from the ESG Investors Roadshows.

Annual report on engagement with socially responsible investors

On an annual basis, we gather all the activities related to our engagement with socially responsible investors in one single report on governance, the environment, and society. Here you will find the latest editions.

Corporate Responsibility Report

See the annual editions of Repsol's Corporate Responsibility Report.

Compensation reports

All the information related to the compensation of the company's directors is at your disposal in our annual reports.

Repsol Cartagena field trip

Learn more about our model for interacting with the communities surrounding the Cartagena refinery, as well as other relevant health and safety matters.

Repsol Webinar: "Our position on climate change and carbon strategy"

A presentation detailing our position on climate change, main initiatives that we put into action, and future plans.