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Visit our facilities

Visit our facilities. View of the gardens in front of a Repsol building.

Come visit us at Repsol

Because shareholders like you are Repsol's real owners, it is important that you can see for yourself how the Company works. That is why you have the chance to visit our facilities, from the industrial complexes to the Technology Lab or Repsol Campus. How does it work? We're going to tell you how.
Presentation on hydrotreatment in an industrial complex.

Repsol Industrial Complexes.

Would you like to visit the places where we refine our products? You can see for yourself why our industrial complexes are on the cutting edge in Europe, both due to their conversion capacity (i.e., their capacity to produce more light-fuel products using the same amount of crude) and in terms of safety and respect for the environment.

Cartagena, Puertollano, A Coruña, Tarragona, and Bilbao (Petronor): you can see any of them for yourself by signing up for the regular tours we organize. Stay tuned to find out when the next tours will take place.

If you are a shareholder, you can visit any of Repsol's five industrial complexes in Spain.
Dusk in the gardens in front of the Repsol Technology Lab.

Repsol Technology Lab

The Repsol Technology Lab is the core of the Company's research and development. It is Spain's largest private research center and is an international sector leader. It spans 56,000 m2 and has a staff of over 300 scientists and researchers.

We opened the RTL in 2002, merging the four research centers that we already had up and running in different parts of Spain. It is home to strategic projects aimed at meeting current and future energy demands, as well as evolving towards a more efficient and sustainable energy model.

56,000 m2 dedicated to researching systems that are increasingly more efficient and sustainable to meet society's energy demands..