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Shareholders community

Advisory Committee

Our shareholders are a vital pillar of our organization. That's why we created this committee: as another step towards our aim of taking into account your opinions, proposals, and concerns.

What is the Advisory Committee?

It is an advisory body made up by you, our shareholders, that we implemented at Repsol with the aim of ensuring that your opinion has an institutionalized and permanent presence within the company's governance bodies.

What is its mission?

The nature of this committee is to serve as a means for Repsol to learn about your views and concerns first-hand. Its aim is to establish a line of communication to improve and achieve shared goals.

Who makes up the committee?

  • 12 shareholders selected by Repsol for a maximum of three years.
  • The Committee will also include permanent representation consisting of the Chairman, who will be a member of the Repsol Corporate Executive Committee, and the Deputy Chairman, who will be the Corporate Director of Finance and Investor Relations.
  • Repsol will also appoint the Secretary, who may or may not be a member of the Committee.

What are the requirements to become part of the Committee?

There are two essential requirements:

  • You have been a member of the Repsol Shareholders Community for at least one year.
  • You own a minimum of 1,000 shares at the time of applying.

How can you become part of the Committee?

Any shareholder that meets the requirements may apply to become a member of the Advisory Committee. Click here to find out how.

Members of the Advisory Committee

  • Chairman
    Antonio Lorenzo is EMD Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He has been Chairman of the Advisory Committee since July 26th, 2018.
  • Advisory Committee. Vice Chairman
    Vice Chairman
    Ramón Álvarez-Pedrosa is Head of Investor Relations at Repsol. He has been Vice Chairman of the Advisory Committee since June 20th, 2018.
  • Technical Secretary
    Technical Secretary
    David Fernández de Heredia is Deputy Director of Shareholder Relations and Digital Content and has been Technical Secretary of the Advisory Committee since June 6th, 2016.
  • Secretary
    Hugo Morales Navarro is Counsel on Corporate Governance Issues at Repsol and has been Secretary of Repsol's Advisory Committee since June 1st, 2015.

Members and shareholders

  • Miembro y accionista
    Eva Monroy
    del Río
    Degree in Chemistry from CEU. MBA from ICADE. EDP-Entreprenurial in Global Markets–Harvard Business School. CEO at ABT Spanish Desk Strategic Consulting.
  • Gloria Fernández López
    Gloria Fernández López
    Graduate in Economics and Business from Universidad Autónoma in Madrid. Master of Business Administration from IESE.
  • Marina Galdón Gaitán
    Marina Galdón Gaitán
    Management Control and Reporting Manager at Repsol's Marketing Executive Division.
  • Verónica De Miguel Gallo
    Verónica De Miguel Gallo
    Medical Director at Alnylam Spain. Graduate in Medicine from University of Navarra. PhD in Pharmacoeconomics from Complutense University of Madrid.
  • Josep Mª Barris Costal
    Josep María Barris Costal
    Industrial Engineer specializing in Organization from the Barcelona School of Engineers, now known as the Polytechnic University of Barcelona.
  • Javier Santamaría Arribas
    Santamaría Arribas
    Chief Commercial Officer in a telecommunications company. Telecommunication Technical Engineer.
  • Miguel Díaz Roldán
    Miguel Díaz Roldán
    Digital financial services specialist at the IFC. Consulting partner at Finutive. Graduate in Economics and Business from the Universidad Autónoma in Madrid.
  • Luis Cuadrillero Martínez
    Luis Cuadrillero Martínez
    Graduate in Business Management. Master's Degrees in Foreign Commerce and Economy and Business. Currently works as a financial analyst. Advisory Committee member since March 3rd, 2016.
  • Pablo Porras Pedraza
    Pablo Porras Pedraza
    Syndicated loans at Banco Santander. Graduate in Law and Business Administration from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas in Madrid.
  • Mª Rosa Cobo Mayoral
    María Rosa Cobo Mayoral
    Graduate in Business from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. Advising member in General Management of Public Funds for the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration.
  • Francisco Villalba Alcalá
    Francisco Villalba Alcalá
    Graduate and PhD in Medicine. Chief physician at the Osuna Health Center. Head Research Coordinator for primary health care in the Osuna Health Management Department.
  • Rolf Van Nauta Lemke
    Rolf Van Nauta Lemke
    Graduate in Economics. MBA from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Founder and current Managing Partner of MaiAx Advisors B.V. Member of the Advisory Committee since March 3rd, 2016.
As mentioned earlier, not only the agenda points established by the Chairman will be discussed at these meetings, but also those proposed by the shareholders. For this reason, Repsol places a Suggestions Mailbox at the disposal of all its shareholders where you can forward all your concerns and any topics to be discussed at the Committee meeting. Make sure that your evaluations and opinions as a shareholder are represented and reach us. The following email is the new communication channel: comiteconsultivo@repsol.com.

Minutes and reports (Only available in Spanish)

Download Advisory Committee meeting related documents