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Downstream Day - Cartagena 2019

'Family photo' of the participants at Repsol's Downstream Day.

Downstream Day - Cartagena 2019

Downstream Day was held on May 8th and 9th at our Cartagena Industrial Complex. Over these two days, leaders and experts from Repsol shared with analysts the key points and future of the business.

Downstream Day introduction

María Victoria Zingoni, EMD Commercial Business & Chemicals

Refining Business

Juan Antonio Carrillo de Albornoz, ED Industrial Businesses & Trading

IMO 2020

Lourdes Rodríguez, ED Trading and Juan Carlos Ramírez, Refining Planning and Logistics Director

Repsol Digital Program

Enrique Fernández Puertas, Head of Digitalization PMO

Technology and Corporate Venturing

Jaime Martín Juez, Technology and Corporate Venturing Corporate Director

Chemicals, Transforming & Expanding

José Luis Bernal, ED Repsol Chemicals

Mobility business transformation and way forward

Miguel Apoita, ED Mobility and Sebastián Mussini, Lubricants, Asphalts, and Specialties Director

Low Carbon Business

Francisco Vázquez, CEO Repsol Electricidad y Gas and João Costeira, Chief Development Officer Repsol Electricidad y Gas

Downstream Day Final Remarks

María Victoria Zingoni, EMD Commercial Business & Chemicals

Image gallery

    • 'Family photo' of Downstream Day participants.
    • 'Family photo' of Downstream Day participants.
  • María Victoria Zingoni speaking at Downstream Day.
    • Downstream Day participants talking amongst themselves.
    • A speaker speaking at Downstream Day.