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Corporate governance

Executive committees

Executive committee

Executive committees

We have three Committees which have full responsibility over their fields of activity.
Our organizational structure is adapted to our reality as a Company that has a greater balance between its Upstream and Downstream businesses, requiring our worldwide activities to be managed in a more global fashion. Josu Jon Imaz, our Chief Executive Officer, assumes all the executive functions while reinforcing the management ability of the businesses in order to increase their efficiency and ability to create value.
In addition, we have three top-level committees, chaired by our CEO, which have full responsibility over their fields of activity: 
  • Corporate Executive Committee
  • E&P (Exploration and Production) Executive Committee
  • Downstream Executive Committee (Refining, Marketing, Chemicals, LPG, Trading, and Gas&Power). 
The aims of the new organizational structure include: 
  • Align the organizational structure with Repsol's new assets portfolio. We envisage a single company model that takes into account the diversity and individual characteristics of the E&P and Downstream businesses. 
  • Responding to Repsol's greater global scale.
  • Strengthening Repsol's vision of a company that is committed to long-term business sustainability, technological progress, and social well-being.

Corporate Executive Committee

Corporate Executive Committee
Is responsible for cross-company decisions and global policies.  Chaired by Josu Jon Imaz, it will be formed by:
  • Chief Executive Officer – Josu Jon Imaz
  • EMD CFO – Miguel Martínez 
  • CD People and Organization - Arturo Gonzalo
  • EMD Communication – Begoña Elices
  • EMD E&P – Luis Cabra
  • EMD Downstream – Maria Victoria Zingoni
  • CD Legal Affairs – Miguel Klingenberg
  • CD Strategy, Control, and Resources – Antonio Lorenzo

E&P Executive Committee

This Committee is responsible for taking high-level decisions in our Company's exploration and production businesses. 
The Committee is chaired by the CEO, and in addition to the Executive Managing Director of E&P, Luis Cabra, it is made up of the corporate managing directors who report directly to the CEO, the corporate directors who also report to him, and the executive directors of the different business units into which Repsol has divided its international activity, without forgetting the heads of technical support, knowledge, and management in the Executive Managing Division of Exploration and Production:
  • ED Exploration - José Ángel Murillas
  • ED Technical Development and S&E - Héctor González
  • ED Latin America and the Caribbean RU – Evandro Correa 
  • ED Europe, Africa, and Brazil RU – Tomás García Blanco
  • ED North America RU – John Rossall
  • ED Asia and Russia RU – Ferdinando Rigardo 
  • ED Business Development and Technical Analysis – Elvira Álvarez de Buergo
  • CD Economic and Tax Policy  – Luis López Tello
  • ED Supply Chain – José Luis Bernal
  • Dir. E&P Planning and Management Control – Alberto Aparicio

Downstream Executive Committee

Is responsible for high-level decisions in the Downstream business. Chaired by Josu Jon Imaz, it is formed by the Executive Managing Director of Downstream, María Victoria Zingoni, the corporate managing directors who report directly to the CEO and the corporate directors that also report to the CEO, as well as all those responsible for the main businesses of the area, and its technical and support staff:
  • ED Trading and Gas & Power – Lourdes Rodríguez
  • ED Refining – Francisco Vázquez 
  • ED Chemicals – Juan Carlos Ruiz Dorado
  • ED Marketing – Antonio Calçada 
  • Dir. Lubricants, Asphalts, and Specialized Products BU – Lucas Angelini
  • ED LPG – Jaime Fernández-Cuesta
  • ED Repsol Peru – José Manuel Gallego 
  • CD Economic and Tax Policy – Luis López Tello
  • ED Optimization and Analysis – Manuel Pérez Jurado
  • Dir. Downstream Engineering – Modesto Fernández