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Corporate governance

Executive committees

Executive committee

The Executive Committee and operating committees

Our organizational structure is adapted to our reality as a Company and ensures greater balance between our businesses, requiring our worldwide activities to be managed in a more global fashion in order to continue carrying out our strategy for growth and creation of value, thus turning our vision into reality.

The goals of our organization structure include:

  • Align the organizational structure with our assets portfolio. We envisage a single Company model taking into account the diversity and individual characteristics of our businesses.
  • Responding to Repsol's greater global scale.
  • Strengthening Repsol's vision of a company that is committed to long-term business sustainability, technological progress, and social well-being.

Executive Committee

CEO Josu Jon Imaz presides the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee is responsible for cross-Company decisions and policymaking in the global sphere. The committee is presided by Josu Jon Imaz and includes:

  • Chief Executive Officer – Josu Jon Imaz
  • ED Industrial Business and Trading – Juan A. Carrillo Albornoz
  • EMD Technology Development, Resources, and Sustainability – Luis Cabra
  • EMD Communication – Begoña Elices
  • EMD E&P – Tomás García
  • EMD People & Organization – Arturo Gonzalo
  • EMD Legal Affairs – Miguel Klingenberg
  • EMD CFO – Antonio Lorenzo
  • EMD Commercial Business and Chemicals – María Victoria Zingoni

Operating Committees

The three Operating Committees are responsible for decision-making at the top level of each business

  • E&P Operating Committee
  • Commercial Business and Chemicals Operating Committee
  • Industrial Business and Trading Operating Committee