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Repsol in Ecuador. Panoramic shot of Quito, Ecuador
Ecuador stands out as a net exporter of hydrocarbons, especially petroleum, being as it is a strategic center for the country's economy. Being a member of Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEP).

Our activity in Ecuador

We arrived in Ecuador in 2001, to develop exploration and production activities in two blocks under a service provision contract.

The main part of our presence in the country is situated within the Waorani reserve in Yasuní National Park, due to the development of our upstream activity regarding Block 16.

We complement this activity with the distribution of specialized products and lubricants in the country through our partner Swissoil.

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    2 million oil barrels

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    4 million barrels of oil equivalent in gas production

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    486 km2 of total surface area

Repsol in Ecuador. Ecuador production map
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  • Our Upstream operations

View of the Block 16 facilities

Block 16

Located in the Orellana province, where we operate with a 35% participation in consortium with OPIC (31%), Sinochem (14%) and Amodaimi (20%). The main part of our total net production (6,362 barrels of petroleum equivalent per day) come from this field.
View of the Block 67 facilities

Block 67

Situated in the northern area of Block 16, it has a special importance for the block, as it's high degree of quality allows it to achieve an adequate mixture for the delivery of crude oil through the Heavy Crude Oil Pipeline. It currently produces around 4,000 barrels of petroleum per day.
  • Our Downstream operations

In addition to the Upstream projects, we are also developing the commercialization of lubricants, something that we've been doing with the help of our sponsor Swissoil.

This activity, that we've been dealing with since 2014, involves the distribution of a wide range of products for the automobile sector and marine and nautical industry. All products meet the strict quality guidelines set by international organisms and engine manufacturers that test, use and recommend our products.

Committed to growth

At Repsol Foundation Ecuador, we make visible our commitment to the development and improvement of the communities in the areas where we operate. Education, inclusive business development, and the strengthening of local trading capacity make up our main focuses.
The Waorani community

Waorani Minkayonta project

The project contributes to an educational framework that strengthens inclusion, social and territorial equality and diversity in the Waorani de Guiyero, Timpoka, Ganketapare and Peneno communities.
Hands cupping cereals

Inclusive economy

The main principal of this project is focused on boosting economic activities that allow for the integration of sectors in communities with limited resources, through projects of their own, in an entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Bridge in a forest

Social entrepreneurship

We have introduced these initiatives with the intention of boosting the generation of income, in a comprehensive manner, and reducing the development deficiencies in the communities.
Boat on a river through a forest


Care and respect for the environment is one of our commitments, that's why we use the natural resources efficiently and responsibly to achieve sustainable and efficient growth.
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    Updated on December 31st, 2019.