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Repsol Bolivia. Panoramic view of buildings in the Bolivian city

Our activity in Bolivia

We have been in Bolivia since 1994 through our Upstream business.
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    3 million oil barrels

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    13 million barrels of oil equivalent in gas production

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    2,848 km2 of total surface area

 Repsol in Bolivia. Bolivia exploration map

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Camino en la montaña de Caipipendi

Noteworthy project

In 2016, the operating agreement for Caipipendi (site of the Margarita-Huacaya field), one of the largest gas blocks in the world, was extended for an additional 15 years, until 2046. The new plans for this energy project, one of the largest in Latin America, include the implementation of an exploration, development, and exploitation program in Boyuy and Boicobo Sur, to the south and north of Caipipendi.

We are committed to growth

We create projects that foster community development, health, education, and productive development, and we conduct environmental studies in the Parque Nacional Aguarague area

Bolivia: A meal, a future
Communities and local development
Caipipendi project
Potable water
Repsol en Bolivia. Voluntarios de Repsol cocinando y repartiendo comida

Bolivia: A meal, a future

The UN World Food Program (WFP) supports development projects that provide emergency food in the event of natural or man-made disasters. Through the Repsol Foundation, our Company develops nutrition education and school food projects in Bolivia for the most vulnerable individuals.
Repsol in Bolivia Several people chatting on a plantation

Communities and local development

We have developed socio-environmental monitoring in four municipalities and five Guaraní district councils in Bolivia in order to contribute to economic and social development in our areas of influence. There is constant dialog between the company and the indigenous organization.
Repsol in Bolivia View of a mountainous terrain.

Caipipendi project

We carried out historical monitoring of the area with images from 2010 to 2016, an EIA (environmental impact study), and a sensitivity index to verify the effectiveness of the mitigation measures applied. These actions demonstrate our commitment to the country and its biodiversity.
Repsol in Bolivia. Aerial view of a city next to a lake.

Potable water

In collaboration with the Entre Ríos Municipality Government, we developed a project aimed at improving the quality of the potable water service for more than 7,000 people in Isarzama in the Cochabamba district. As a result, there is a lower risk of contracting stomach and intestinal diseases due to drinking and using water.
Repsol worldwide Bolivia. View of a mountainous jungle area

Sustainability Plan

We have designed an annual cross-company sustainability plan that implies ethical, environmental, and social considerations, incorporated into our decision-making process.
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