Service Terms and Conditions

Repsol Más

In its endeavor to provide value to its customers and collectives linked to the Repsol Group (hereinafter “Repsol Group”) that are loyal to the Repsol brand, Repsol Comercial de Productos Petrolíferos, S.A, (hereinafter “Repsol”), created the Repsol Más Program (hereinafter the “Program”) for each advantage or benefit, as well as recreational, informative, or promotional activities.

The Repsol Más Program provides its members with discounts, advantages, benefits, and other exclusive opportunities especially conceived for its members. Therefore, and as it is a virtual community, it is an essential condition of the Program that its offers must be communicated to members by electronic means.

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter, the "Terms and Conditions”) regulate the relationship between the user and the owner of the Repsol Más loyalty program, Repsol Comercial de Productos Petrolíferos, S.A, an entity with tax ID. No. (CIF) A-80298839 that is registered in Volume 2530, general, folio 1, sheet M-44.194., first registration, of the Company Register of Madrid, and with its registered address at 28045 Madrid, Méndez Álvaro, 44. Repsol Comercial's contact e-mail address is

We recommend that you read these Terms and Conditions carefully, as all members of the Program must comply with them. Upon registering for the Program, you declare that you are aware of the Terms and Conditions, accept them, and give your consent to be bound by them.

Consequently, if you do not agree with the contents of these Terms and Conditions in their entirety, you should not register for or access the benefits and services offered by the Program. Repsol reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions or any of the terms and conditions regulating the Program, and even cancel the Program or one or all of the offers and advantages aimed at all Program members at any time. We will duly inform members of these changes, without this creating any right to compensation from Repsol. Therefore, we recommend that you visit the website on a regular basis to consult the latest Program Terms and Conditions.

If any of the terms and conditions is declared null and void and of no effect for any reason, this condition will be excluded without this declaration affecting the validity or enforceability of the other Terms and Conditions.


1. Program registration requirements.

Users register for the Repsol Más Program voluntarily and must meet the following requirements:

  • Access and complete all fields of the form with truthful information.
  • Be over fourteen (14) years of age and have no limitations on their legal capacity. Some of the application's services may be aimed exclusively at persons aged 18 and over. Users will be duly informed if this is the case.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions.

(hereinafter the "User”) for each advantage or benefit, as well as recreational, informative, or promotional activities.

When you register for the Program through any of the available channels, you are declaring that you meet the aforementioned requirements.


2. Program regulations.

All Program members are obligated to comply with the Terms and Conditions and meet the registration requirements. The Terms and Conditions will also inform you of all the advantages offered by the Program. 

These Terms and Conditions will be supplemented by the corresponding specific conditions (the "Specific Terms and Conditions”) for each advantage or benefit, as well as recreational, informative, or promotional activities. As a member, you will be able to consult these Specific Terms and Conditions through the corresponding channels before enjoying any advantage, benefit, or activity. In the event of discrepancy between these Terms and Conditions and the Specific Terms and Conditions for a particular advantage, benefit, or action, the provisions of the latter will prevail.

Lastly, this is a virtual community and, therefore the same will apply to the Legal notice and Cookies policy available on


3. Privacy

If you belong to the Program, you thereby authorize Repsol to process your data for commercial, advertising, and statistical purposes; cross reference your data with other files held by other REPSOL Group companies to identify your link therewith; and transfer your data to other REPSOL Group companies in accordance with the terms included in this section. We will also share your information (in aggregate form, not individually) with third parties for commercial and statistical purposes. These entities will never have access to personal data.

To manage your participation in the Repsol Más Program, we need to process your personal data. Below, we provide information on how we process your data:


A. Data protection officer

You can contact with this person by sending an e-mail to


B. Single User Registration and Single Client File

The Repsol Más Program is an online service provided by the Repsol Group. Therefore, to access the Repsol Más Program, you must have a Repsol User Account. Repsol has set up the Single User Registration, which creates Your User Account. This means that your Repsol Más login details (e-mail address and password) will be the same as those for other Repsol web pages, unless we inform you otherwise when you access a specific service.

Consequently, if you already have Your Account, you can become a member of the Repsol Más Program. If this is not the case, please register in order to receive your login details and access all the services we have to offer.

In order to make it easier to identify you, Repsol, S.A. will be the controller of the database used to store the information associated with Your Account (ONLINE USERS). This data will be used to control access to the Online Services offered by the Repsol Group, identify you when you use these services, and know for which services you are registered. In this way, all the data you provide by using the Services will become part of Your Account and will be accessible by Repsol, S.A. Repsol will know which products/services you use and process your data to manage incidents with the Online Services and channel suggestions, complaints, and queries in this respect.


*A comprehensive list of Repsol Group companies, their location, and their activities can be found at


In addition to your consent, the lawful basis for processing in this case is Repsol, S.A.'s legitimate interest in channeling access to the Repsol Group's online services.


C. Registration in the Program, in order to enable the User's participation in the Program and send them commercial messages

Data Controller

Repsol Comercial de Productos Petrolíferos, S.A., with registered address at 28045, Madrid, Méndez Álvaro, 44. 

Data to be processed

The data you provide when you register or as a result of being a Repsol Más Program member, as well as data received from other Repsol Group companies that you have authorized to transfer your data to REPSOL.

Purpose of processing

(i) Allow people to register for and be a member of the Repsol Más Program and channel any possible incidents, suggestions, complaints, or inquiries; (ii) send information about and invite you to informative, sporting, recreational, or fun events that are sponsored, organized, or promoted by Repsol Comercial de Productos Petrolíferos, S.A.; (iii) carry out market and opinion studies, always in relation to the Repsol Más Program or products and services offered by the Repsol Group; (v) inform you about advertising or marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, promotions, contests, and draws; (vi) send information by any means (mainly electronic) about Repsol or third party products and/or services related to energy solutions, transport, mobility, automotive assistance, insurance, finance, leisure, travel, home, sport, gastronomy, loyalty programs, payment means and services, and telecommunications.

With a view to customizing the offers we send you, all Repsol Group companies* will share your personal data within the Group in order to gain an overall vision of the Repsol Group customer. We will combine this information in order to improve our relationship with you and for the commercial purposes described in the previous paragraph.

Likewise, we inform you that when you take advantage of one of the benefits offered but the Repsol Más Program, we may need to transfer your data to third parties that have, in each case, reached an agreement with Repsol Comercial de Productos Petrolíferos, S.A. to issue specific offers and/or advantages for members. 


* A comprehensive list of Repsol Group companies, their location, and their activities can be found at    

Lawful basis for processing

The lawful basis for processing is your consent, which is provided upon registering for the service.


D. Data recipients

As a general rule, we do not transfer your data to third parties, with the exception of the following cases: (i) When this is necessary in accordance with the law; (ii) to service providers who act as data processors; (iii) to other Repsol Group companies* and third parties linked to the Repsol Más Program, whenever this is necessary to ensure you can benefit from one of the Program's advantages.


E. Rights of the data subject

Access, rectification, objection, erasure, restriction of processing, and portability, as well as the right to withdraw consent. You can learn more about these rights in the expanded information made available in the Privacy Policy at These rights may be exercised by writing to the registered address of the data Controller or by sending an e-mail to

You may also file a complaint with the Data Protection Authorities at any time.


F. Storage period

We will continue to process your data as long as you are a member of the Repsol Más Program. Once you cancel your account, we will block your data until the statute of limitations for criminal, civil, commercial, and/or administrative liability has passed.


G. Additional information

You can learn more about how we use your data by consulting the Privacy Policy available at


H. Communications

As the Program is a virtual community, all communication with members will preferably be through electronic means and/or publication in the Program's electronic area. Information spaces, push communication, or similar techniques will be used, and/or it will be sent to the e-mail address provided upon registration or that has been subsequently modified.


I. Guaranteed confidentiality when processing your data

We guarantee that your personal data will be kept confidential and that both the technical and organizational measures necessary have been take to prevent them from being altered or lost, or processed or accessed without authorization, in accordance with the applicable regulations.


J. The User's commitments regarding their login details

Use of the Program and the related services, as well as all that this entails, are agreed exclusively with the User and cannot be used by other people. Therefore, you are responsible for ensuring that your Program login details, or any other information that could provide access to the Program, do not fall into the hands of unauthorized persons. Likewise, you are responsible for the risks and consequences of any actions to the contrary. 


You hereby commit to keeping your login details secret, in addition to applying the necessary procedures to keep the aforementioned information confidential and prevent unauthorized use. In the event you believe or have reason to believe that an unauthorized third party has gained access to your login details, you must notify Repsol of these circumstances. You will be fully responsible for the proper use/handling of this information until we receive notification of this fact.


Should you be acting in the name and on behalf of a legal person, you hereby declare that you have sufficient authorization to access the Program and the services on offer, and oblige the company to what you undertake on their behalf.


4. General

A. Electronic signature

The use of your User credentials will be considered a contractual signature, with the same value as a written signature. Therefore, orders or instructions sent through the website or the app will have full legal effect.


B. Contact

If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints, or claims to report regarding the Program, please contact us at the following address:

To Repsol, S.A.:

  • Through by going to: Customer Registry / Update registration details.

  • By sending an e-mail to

  • By calling the user support service at +34 901 101 520.

  • By writing to Repsol, S.A., SAC, Calle Méndez Álvaro, 44, 28045, Madrid.

To Repsol Comercial de Productos Petrolíferos, S.A.

  • By sending an e-mail to

  • By calling the following user support service: +34 901 101 520

  • By writing to Repsol, S.A., SAC, Calle Méndez Álvaro, 44, 28045, Madrid.


C. Applicable law and competent court

These Terms and Conditions and participation in the Program are regulated by Spanish law. You expressly agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of your registered address, and no others, to resolve any dispute that may arise in relation to registration and the use of Repsol Waylet. If your registered address is not in Spain, you shall submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid.