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Compounds for cables

Compounds for external protection

External protection compounds
Repsol sells a wide range of different types of compounds, designed for the external protection and filling of electrical cables (CELEC® range), traction cables and special cables (CETRA®, CEVA®, and CTA® ranges).
The CELEC® and CETRA ranges are mineral-based compounds (PJ, “Petroleum Jellies), while the CEVA® and CTA® ranges are formulated from asphalt compounds.
Palletised steel drums weighing 175 kg net
120 drums per lorry or 80 drums per 20 ft container for sea transport
Compounds for the protection of electrical cables
Metal grease used as thermal insulation and as an anti-corrosion and anti-wear agent, designed for cold application. Formulated to meet the specification UNE EN 50326 type A.
CELEC range®: 
The compounds of the CELEC® range are used for the protection of low-, medium- and high-voltage electrical cables. They effectively delay the attacks of atmospheric agents suffered by cables exposed to the outdoors, preventing power losses.
These compounds are petrolatum-type (PJ, petroleum jellies) mineral-based compounds made largely from products derived from petroleum and that act as electrical protection, anti-corrosion and anti-wear agents on metallic conductors exposed to the elements. They are therefore subjected to various climatic tests in the laboratory, following the strictest international standards, in order to check their capacity as anti-corrosive agents under different conditions, such as saline and acidic environments, and at different temperatures and humidities.
In these compounds, the increase of the dielectric constant with temperature is moderate, never exceeding 2.3 at 23ºC.
Compounds for the protection of traction and special cables: CETRA®, CEVA®, and CTA® ranges:  
Repsol compounds for special and traction cables have been designed to protect and lubricate traction cables used in lifts, cable cars and cranes, preventing their correction and wear in other fields of mechanics and engineering. They are designed to delivery high performance in the most severe conditions, for which reason they are subjected to tests in severe corrosion conditions in climatic chambers, following international standards.
The CETRA® range includes mineral-based compounds of the petrolatum type (PJ, “Petroleum Jellies”), while the CEVA® and CTA® ranges are formulated from asphalt compounds and thermoplastic polymers.
The CETRA® range protects cables from corrosion, lubricates their inside and provides a certain degree of plasticity. They are suitably formulated to maintain their flexibility and adhesive qualities at very low temperatures in all kinds of metallic cables.
The CEVA® and CTA® ranges include products formulated from asphaltic derivatives and thermoplastic polymers that provide properties of watertightness and corrosion resistance of asphalt with the plasticity and flexibility of polymers, which also contributes to reducing the friction between the cable and the pulleys. The quality of these compounds ensures that the effect of protecting the cable in adverse weather conditions lasts a long time. 
These products can be found in the cable and construction industries

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