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Compounds for cables

Compounds for external protection

External protection compounds
Repsol offers a wide range of compounds designed for the external protection of cables:
  • CELEC® range: For protecting electrical cables 
  • CETRA® and CECAGEL® 20 ranges: For protecting traction and special cables
The CELEC® and CEVA® ranges are mineral-based compounds (PJ, “Petroleum Jellies), while the special CECAGEL® 20 compound is formulated using polybutene.
180 kg palletised steel drums. 120 drums per lorry or 80 drums per 20 ft container for sea transport.
These products can be found in the cable and construction industries.

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Compuestos de relleno

Filling compounds

Our filling and flooding ranges for cables provide a waterproof seal and protection against corrosion.