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Aqueous emulsions

Synthetic latex and wax emulsions for contact with foodstuffs

Synthetic latex wax emulsions for contact with food
REDEMUL RUB from Repsol is a water-based emulsion of copolymers and paraffins designed to be applied as a coating for containers and, in particular, those aimed at the food industry, for which reason they comply with the FDA Regulations and the Codex Alimentarius for products that come in contact with food. 
REDEMUL RUB is formulated based on a mixture of carefully selected and treated copolymers and waxes that guarantee the best waterproofing performance for containers by forming a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating or film on its surface. This effect can be controlled through the amount of product added, with the ability to obtain a water-repellent paper or cardboard surface. The package of surfactants used to emulsify these copolymers and paraffins has been selected to ensure product stability during both transport and handling. 
REDEMUL RUB is characterised by showing a great coating capacity, an excellent barrier effect against grease, oil and water vapour, a non-slip effect, great stability during handling and storage and good resistance to hard water. REDEMUL RUB is especially suitable for coating all types of paper and wood or cardboard boxes to transport food and, in general, for any type of application in containers that may come in contact with food. 
It is applied with the same techniques as traditional paraffin emulsions used in the paper and/or cardboard industries. 
This product can be found in the agriculture and container and packaging industries.

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