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A different perspective on the textile sector

At Repsol we market a wide range of waxes and paraffin with different applications within the textile industry, such as those for giving fabrics water repellent properties or for decorating fabrics, among others.

Vista de material utilizado para composición de ceras

General purpose waxes and paraffins

We produce and market paraffins produced in our refineries and offer you an extensive catalogue of waxes, adapted for different industries.

Unas manos con guantes sujetan un matraz con un líquido blanco

Aqueous emulsions

We produce aqueous emulsions of different kinds and properties. Their use ranges from paper and cardboard packaging for the food industry to the textile, particleboard, and construction industries.

Specialized products customer service and commercial network

Our broad network of specialized products experts at our corporate headquarters in Madrid are ready to assist you place your order with the greatest ease and convenience. Contact us by email: