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Rubber industry

This industry includes the manufacture of a wide variety of products, from tires to footwear, pipes, cables, etc.

All these applications require the incorporation of certain intermediate products in the manufacturing process. Some examples are anti-ozone waxes,process oils that facilitate the handling of the rubber and improve the properties of the final product, process aids that improve processability and reduce time and energy costs, and micronized sulfur that speed ups the vulcanization process, etc.

Varios matraz


Top-quality compounds for a wide variety of applications: tires, dyes, asphalts, cables, and more, all produced thanks to the highly specialized processes of our refineries.

Preparados para ceras

Wax and paraffin specialties

High-quality products with many applications, such as tires, paper and cardboard containers, and process aids for plastic.

Azufre industrial

Industrial sulfur

This sulfur can be used as a raw material, an intermediate product, or an additive used to catalyze certain reaction. It can be used in the manufacture of sulfuric acid and synthetic fibers (caprolactams), or as a vulcanizer in the rubber industry.

  • Anti-ozone waxes

Specialized products customer service and commercial network

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