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We offer a broad range of products, such as polyethylene waxes and vaselines that are used in the manufacture of all types of inks. Our innovative and technological efforts permit us to develop versatile products that fit the most demanding needs of different sectors.

Petroleum jellies
Varios matraz con líquidos

Aromatic extenders that do not require labeling

We have a process for obtaining aromatic extracts with low toxicity that do not require labeling and that maintain the aromaticity required to be compatible with polar rubbers.

Componente para ceras

General purpose waxes and paraffins

These products can be used in products intended for direct contact with food, as raw material for hot melt, glues, etc.

Bote de betún y un cepillo

Technical petroleum jellies

Our REDEVAS products are used as lubricants, anti-corrosion protectors, and a moisture barrier for metal parts.