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The construction industry is one of the greatest consumers of specialized chemical products. From base lubricants and paraffin emulsions, used as releasing agents and to protect walls from graffiti, to process oils that aid in the dispersion of the components of asphalt.

Cable compounds
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Lubricant bases

High-quality compounds suitable for a wide range of uses: tires, inks, asphalts, cables, among other things. They are obtained through highly specialized processes at our refineries.

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General purpose waxes and paraffins

We produce and sell paraffins produced in our own refineries and offer a catalogue adapted to different sectors.

Compuestos para cables

External protection compounds

We offer a variety of ranges for different needs. The CELEC range is for the protection and filler of electric cables and the CETRA®, CEVA®, and CTA® ranges are for traction cables and special cables.

Vertido de un líquido a varios recipientes

Aqueous emulsions

At Repsol we have aqueous emulsions of different kinds and properties. Their use ranges from paper and cardboard packaging for the food industry to the textile, particleboard, and construction industries.

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Liquefied gases and propellants

These products have all been suitably treated, purified, and deodorised to guarantee compliance with the relevant regulations and your requirements.

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