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Chemicals industry

We process and transform a multitude of raw materials, intermediate products, and end products that form part of our everyday lives.

Petroleum jellies
Una burbuja formada por aceite


Top-quality compounds for a wide variety of applications: tires, dyes, asphalts, cables, and more, all produced thanks to the highly specialized processes of our refineries.

Preparados para ceras

Wax and paraffin specialties

These products reduce the amount of energy needed to obtain the final product and improve other important aspects such as production, finish, incorporation of loads and recycled materials, etc. The final result is the improved energetic efficiency of the process. .

Azufre industrial

Industrial sulfur

This sulfur has various uses, whether as a raw material, an intermediate product, or an additive used to catalyze certain reaction. It can be used in the manufacture of sulfuric acid and synthetic fibers (caprolactams), or as a vulcanizer in the rubber industry.

Componente de caucho

General purpose waxes and paraffins

We produce and market paraffins produced in our refineries and offer you an extensive catalogue of waxes, adapted for different industries.

Emulsiones aniónicas parafínicas

Aqueous emulsions

They are used for waterproofing particleboard and demolding, curing, and waterproofing cement and/or concrete.

Vist del difusor de un spray en aerosol

Liquefied gases and propellants

Repsol develops and markets high-purity liquefied gases from petroleum, composed of C3-C4 hydrocarbons and selected mixes of these. These products have been suitably treated through high-pressure hydrogenation and have been purified and deodorised to guarantee compliance with our customers' regulations and requirements.
They are generally used as an alternative to damaging CFC chlorine gases since they more eco-friendly.

Un bote de betún y un cepillo

Technical petroleum jellies

Our REDEVAS products are used as lubricants, anti-corrosion protectors, and a moisture barrier for metal parts.

Specialized products customer service and commercial network

Our broad network of specialized products experts at our corporate headquarters in Madrid are ready to assist you place your order with the greatest ease and convenience. Contact us by email: