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You will find semi-refined paraffins, designed for manufacturing anti-caking agents or water repelling products for fertilizers, and other products for direct application.

Azufre agrícola. Una mano pone un poco de fertilizante alrededor de una planta

Agricultural sulfur

The agricultural sulfur produced by Repsol can be used in agriculture as a phytosanitary product. The high quality of our Prill Sulfur and the absence of contaminants mean it can be used a raw material in many manufacturing processes, such as for fertilizers and soil conditioners.

Bases lubricantes. Líquido lubricante vertiéndose desde un bidón

Lubricant bases

Group I base oils are used as the main raw material in the formulation of lubricating oils for industry in general. Group II and III base oils are obtained using an isodewaxing process that ensures very low levels of sulfur and aromatic products.

Ceras. Tres pequeñas velas

General purpose waxes and paraffins

We produce and market paraffins produced in our refineries and offer you an extensive catalogue of waxes, adapted for different industries.

Emulsiones. Vertido de emulsiones sobre unos recipientes

Aqueous emulsions

At Repsol we have aqueous emulsions of different kinds and properties. Their use ranges from paper and cardboard packaging for the food industry to the textile, particleboard, and construction industries.

Ceras. Vista de un envase de cartón

Wax and paraffin specialties

High-quality products with many applications, such as tires, paper and cardboard containers, and process aids for plastic and rubber.

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