ADOC Automoción service, a service aimed at transportation fleets and public works machinery

Just by regularly analyzing samples of your lubricating oil, the ADOC Automoción system can evaluate the condition of your engine by detecting any possible faults. This allows us to prevent possible damage.

What is ADOC Automoción?

It is an exclusive Repsol service. Oil from your engine is analyzed to find out more about its condition and evolution. This allows us to issue an appropriate diagnosis in each case. We customize the tests to evaluate the most important parameters of the lubricant used in each type of engine. ADOC Automoción is essentially aimed at transportation fleets and public works machinery. 

With this service, the condition of both the engine and the lubricant can be fully tracked to obtain optimum vehicle maintenance periods.


How can I use this service?

If you are already a Repsol customer and want to use the ADOC Automoción system, all you have to do is contact Repsol's sales team. Your sales representative will provide all the necessary information to start using the system, send samples, and consult results reports.


Registering a sample in the web app and sending samples

You can register the samples that you will subsequently send to the laboratory for analysis on the web app. 

You must provide all the information requested in the app that is required to process the sample and issue a diagnosis, including customer details, facility, engine, oil data, number of hours of use, daily replenishment information, and any other information regarding the lubricated machine.

Afterwards, you must send the sample to our laboratories. To complete this step, Repsol will provide you with the following items:

  • Special containers for sample taking.
  • Labels with barcodes to identify the samples.
  • Cards for sending the information of each sample.
  • Postage-paid envelopes to send the samples to our laboratories.


Receipt and processing of the samples at the laboratory

Once the oil sample is received by the laboratory, it will be registered in the system. Each of the samples is classified and entered into the system with a barcode scanner, and is identified using the information sent through the web application.


Receipt and processing of the samples at the laboratory

The received samples and their cards are registered at the laboratory. Each oil sample is classified and then entered into the system using a barcode scanner. The information contained in the card is introduced into our database.


Consult the results interactively

You will receive an email with the results of the analysis carried out by the ADOC Automoción system. Alternatively, you can consult the results directly through the interactive portal services.


What information does the ADOC Automoción service provide?

For each sample, we provide you with a report containing the current results and those of previous samples. The system issues a diagnosis with any abnormal results. We present the possible causes of the failure and recommend possible alternatives to verify the failures or actions to be carried out to repair them. Additionally, in normal situations the system suggests lengthening or shortening the oil change interval, always respecting the manufacturer's recommendations and providing the data for sending a new sample.