Our biodegradable oils bring together innovation and the environment

They strike the perfect balance between biodegradability, minimum ecotoxicity, and lubricating properties.

Eco-friendly and innovative energy solutions

Our technology allows the use of biodegradable oils in some applications that use mineral oils. It has been calculated that it represents around 8 % of the total in Europe, although with big differences between countries and regions given the differences in legislation. 

Thanks to our Company's R&D, we have a new range of biodegradable oils that reflects an optimum balance between three essential factors: biodegradability, minimum ecotoxicity, and lubricating properties. 

Our products fulfill or exceed the imposed requirements. Our BIO range guarantees the protection of machinery and the environment, and can help in obtaining certificates of environmental compliance or tax breaks, where provided for in legislation. Do you want to know about the products on offer?


Repsol Bio Telex

At Repsol we are proud of this solution which has passed all the biodegradability and ecotoxicity tests with better results than those required by the Eco-Label certification. Repsol Bio Telex is specially designed for all applications where spills are a risk, such as its use in the hydraulic systems of public works machinery that work in the countryside or use in dam floodgates and hydraulic plant turbines.

Therefore, even though more than 50% of its raw materials are renewable, it does not forget its primary function: to lubricate. The careful balance between bases and additives that can be found in these oils make it possible to equate their performance to that of mineral hydraulic oils and maintain the expected requirements for hydraulic oils: reducing the wear of metallic parts due to friction, protecting them from corrosion due to the presence of water, facilitating movements at low temperatures, maintaining seals and compatibility to avoid losses, and facilitating the removal of pollutants and waste that could appear in the machine. Additionally, Repsol's Bio Telex product range presents other advantages compared with mineral oils, such as low toxicity and reactivity, higher flash points, excellent lubricity, low evaporation, and high viscosity indices. 

Its properties mean that biodegradable hydraulic oils are even safer to use, and that the equipment's useful life is similar to that achieved by mineral oils. The use of this type of oil should be a top priority in order to reduce environmental risks, especially in critical locations: watery environments, mountains, forests, in some forms of agriculture, civil works and construction in protected environments, etc. 

It is available in ISO VG 46 and 68 viscosity grades.


Repsol Bio Multiuso Extra

Repsol Bio Multiuso Extra is a biodegradable plant-based lubricant developed with special additives to comply with the adhesion, oiliness, and protection levels required by motorcycle chains and chainsaws. Its high level of viscosity gives it excellent performance, even when working at extreme temperatures. 

Thanks to its biodegradability, it is suitable for use in environmentally sensitive spaces in applications requiring “total loss lubrication”. It is specially designed for the timber industry given that it equals or even surpasses the properties of its mineral-based equivalents. Additionally, it offers greater protection of the natural environments where these activities take place, thanks to its rapid biodegradability. Its carefully formulated additives protect machines against corrosion, guaranteeing excellent lubrication at all times, in addition to superior adhesive power that reduces lubricant drip loss.


Repsol Bio Electra

Repsol Bio Electra is a dielectric insulating fluid for transformers, tap changers, and electric control equipment. As a plant-based product, it is an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional fluids used in transformers, given that it is immediately biodegradable and does not present a hazard for watercourses. It does not contain any form of hydrocarbon, halogenated or silicone derivatives, or any other substances that are potentially hazardous to the environment. 

Additionally, its performance in critical situations is better than that of mineral oils since it has exceptionally high flash and combustion points (330°C and 360°C / 620°F and 680°F, respectively) compared to mineral oils with flash points of around 150°C (300°F). Furthermore, laboratory fire tests have shown that it generates less gas and a paler color than its traditional equivalents. 

In comparison with other electrical safety fluids (e.g. those based on silicone oils), its chemical structure provides it with excellent properties: it maintains dielectric rigidity in extreme conditions of water contamination, has a lesser tendency to generate gases, is less viscous at operating temperatures, and has a higher heat capacity, providing greater efficiency in energy transfer. 

Compared to conventional mineral oils, it has greater resistance to carbonization and sludge formation. In comparative laboratory studies, it displayed a higher capacity for the protection of solid (cellulose) insulation, since it has a lower depolymerization index. 

Its excellent dielectric properties, its high resistance to oxidation and its aptitude for heat transmission mean that it can be used directly in equipment with special increased safety requirements, such as hospitals, underground installations, and populated areas, without any changes in design.


Bio Electra Synth

Transformer oil based on synthetic esters, produced using specially-selected raw materials in order to obtain a high-performance fluid. 

This product is extremely resistant to oxidation and has a very low pour point, which makes it especially suited for use in cold environments. Its high flash point means it can be used in areas with security restrictions to control oil flammability. BIO ELECTRA SYNTH complies with the standard IEC 61099.