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Lubricants for public works

Repsol's range of lubricant oils was created for use in the toughest working conditions, designed to enhance the performance of each component and to extend the service life of your machinery. Using the right lubricant for each part, combined with proper maintenance, leads to reduced consumption and emissions, which helps protect the environment.

Diesel Turbo THPD Mid Saps 10W-30

Lubricant oil with MID SAPS synthetic technology designed to meet the most demanding requirements of state-of-the-art diesel engines (EURO 5 and some EURO 6). Especially recommended for engines requiring a quality level of API CK-4, ACEA E9 and using fuel with low sulfur content. Furthermore, due to its viscosity and additivation, it contributes to levels of fuel saving that are hard to achieve with conventional lubricants.

Diesel Turbo THPD Mid Saps 15W-40

THPD (Top High Performance Diesel) synthetic technology lubricant oil designed to comply with the most demanding requirements of EURO 6 and North American latest generation diesel engines (EPA 2007). Its low ash content (MID SAPS) ensures perfect performance in the post-treatment of exhaust gases incorporated in the most modern vehicles. Specially recommended for engines that require ACEA E7/E9, API CK-4 quality level and formal manufacturer approval.

Diesel Turbo THPD 15W40

Multigrade lubricant with a high detergent and dispersing power, and high resistance to shearing and wear that guarantees maximum protection of the engine throughout the life of the oil. A product specifically designed for the vehicles that comply with EURO 4 and EURO 3 and require ACEA E7, API CI-4 quality levels and formal approval from manufacturers.

Diesel Super Turbo SHPD 15W40

Very high performance and high quality SHPD lubricant oil. Recommended for all kinds of diesel engines, especially for the supercharged engines of TIR vehicles. It is a very stable multigrade oil with high shearing resistance and prevents the formation of sludge when cold, obstructions in oil conduits and silting of the filter of the latter. It contains efficient corrosion, oxidation, rust and foam formation inhibitors.

Repsol Transmission TO-4 10W, 30W, and 50W

This lubricant oil is specially formulated to meet the requirements of CATERPILLAR, ALLISON, and KOMATSU specifications. It is suitable for power-shift transmissions, clutches, and brakes, as well as final drives, sprockets, and differentials (depending on SAE grade). It can also be used in some special hydraulic applications, as is the case with the SAE 10W grade.

Repsol Diesel Serie 3 10W

Repsol Diesel Serie 3 10W
DIESEL SERIE 3 10W is a monograde mineral lubricant for transmissions and gearboxes. It is highly refined, making it resistant to oxidation and giving it anti-wear and detergency/dispersancy properties. It is also suitable for use as a hydraulic fluid in public works machinery.

Repsol Telex W

Repsol Telex W
If you are looking for a very high-quality multigrade lubricating oil, TELEX W is the product for you. This oil contains refined paraffin bases, improving resistance to oxidation and providing excellent anti-wear and detergency/dispersancy properties, among others. It is designed for public works machinery that requires this degree of viscosity and can also be used as a hydraulic fluid.


Lubricating greases with highly refined mineral oil. Cálcica greases are thickened with calcium anhydride, making them water resistant, highly pumpable even at low temperatures, and mechanically resistant. For this reason, these lubricating greases are intended for use in machinery operating outdoors or in damp environments, such as cars, public works machinery, and agricultural machinery.

Lítica MP

Lítica MP multipurpose lubricating greases contain refined mineral oil and are thickened with lithium soap. They perform best at temperatures of up to 120°C (248°F) and stand out for their anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, and adherence additives. These lubricant greases are mainly intended for use in cars, chassis, wheel bearings, railways, and public works machinery.

Lítica EP

Lítica EP lubricating greases have been developed for parts under extreme pressure. More specifically, they are used in all types of bearings that support loads and vibrations, couplings, chains, guide rails, shear bearings, rolling mills, etc. These lubricating greases are made from paraffin oils, making them mechanically stable and resistant to water and extreme pressure, while also giving them anti-wear properties.

Lítica Especial EP 2/3

If you want to improve the performance of any general grease for use in agricultural machinery, public works machinery, and cars, Lítica Especial EP 2/3 is the perfect product for you. Its formula contains refined mineral oils and additives giving it properties such as superior adherence, resistance to extreme pressure, and thermal stability, as well as protection against water, oxidation, corrosion, and rust.

Lítica AGR 00

To ensure top performance in your agricultural and industrial machinery, particularly the spindles of cotton harvesting machines, look no further than Lítica AGR 00 lubricating greases, which have excellent fluidity over a wide range of temperatures, a low friction coefficient, and excellent adherence and greasiness thanks to their formula containing mineral oils, additives, and lithium thickener.

Bio Grasa Cálcica EP 2

This grease, Bio Grasa Cálcica EP 2, is intended for use in environments where there is a possibility of leaks. Dam floodgates, agricultural machinery, or forestry work will benefit from the excellent performance of this grease under high-load conditions and its high resistance in damp conditions or when water is present, as well as being protected against corrosion and wear.

Molibgras EP 2

Molibgras EP 2 is a lubricating grease containing highly refined base oils and extreme pressure additives which is used in severe service mechanisms that entail slipping, very high loads, and long greasing periods such as plain bearings and fifth wheel couplings, among others. One of its main qualities is provided by molybdenum bisulfur, in addition to its protection against oxidation, corrosion, and rust. It is also performs well under extreme pressure and has high mechanical resistance.


OGL lubricating greases are used for lubrication in the main operations of the cement, steel, mining, and chemical industries as they contain highly refined mineral oil, synthetic polymers, and aluminum soap as a thickener. This formula enables the grease to withstand extreme vibrations. It has anti-wear, anti-oxidant, and anti-corrosion properties, in addition to excellent resistance to temperature, water, and adherence.


Hammer lubricating greases are formed from a semi-synthetic base oil and complex lithium soap thickener, giving them properties such as resistance to slipping and antiseize at high temperatures in points and cold chisels in hydraulic hammer rock breakers and batteries, welding machines, and connections in electrical installations.

Complex Therm

For parts that require a lubricant with anti-friction and anti-wear properties, high resistance to water, and with high mechanical stability, such as the paper and steel industry. For these uses, Complex Therm lubricating greases have been designed. This grease is formulated using refined mineral oils thickened with lithium soap and solid additives that give it these properties.
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