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Passenger cars

Single G range

Single G range

Repsol monograde oils

A range developed for cars requiring monograde viscosity and basic API quality level oils.

HG 40 & 50

Envase Lubricante HG 40 y 50

Monograde lubricant oil developed to meet the needs of low-demand 4-stroke petrol engines.

Its detergent capacity keeps combustion residues under control, preventing them from being deposited in the engine. 

Made with refined mineral base oils, its carefully-designed additives enable the oxidation, corrosion and wear of internal engine parts to be controlled.

HGX 30, 40, & 50

HGX 30, 40, & 50

Monograde lubricant oil particularly recommended for use in 4-stroke petrol and diesel engines that are not subjected to above-average demands and some petrol engines with low performance and engine speeds. 

It is made with refined mineral base oils and includes additives which control oxidation, effectively preventing the corrosion and wear of internal engine parts.