Repsol car oil

View of Elite range lubricant containers

Elite Range

A top-quality lubricant range, designed by researchers at the Respol Technology Lab specifically for use in cars requiring manufacturer approval.

View of Hybrid range lubricant containers

Hybrid Range

This lubricants range maximizes the performance of hybrid vehicles equipped with gasoline and electric engines. They are suitable for both plugged hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and unplugged hybrid electric vehicles (HEV).

View of Carrera range lubricant containers

Carrera Range

A range of lubricants specially developed for high-performance, powerful cars. Used in the most demanding racing environments like the Dakar Rally.

View of Premium range lubricant containers

Premium Range

A range of motor oils formulated for cars requiring quality levels recommended by international organizations such as ACEA for European cars and API for American vehicles.

View of Performance range lubricant containers

Performance Range

Formulated for vehicles requiring basic API quality and multi-grade viscosity. We have a wide range of products for both gasoline and diesel engine vehicles.

View of AutoGas range lubricant containers

AutoGas Range

A range of oils specially designed for LPG, VNG, and CNG vehicles. This range provides improved lubrication for greater resistance to rust and a longer useful life for your engine.

View of Single G range lubricant containers

Single G Range

A range developed for cars requiring monograde viscosity and basic API quality level oils. Our range of lubricants covers the needs of both gasoline and diesel vehicles.

The Toyota of the Repsol Rally Team driven by Isidre Esteve in the Dakar Rally

Technology tested in the most demanding conditions

The Elite range helps improve your vehicle's fuel economy while also reducing emissions.