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    No matter what you’re driving, we have the motor oil for you

Choose Repsol lubricants

Our wide range of motor oils are adapted to meet the specific needs of your car.

Single G
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Elite range

A top-quality lubricant range, designed by researchers at the Respol Technology Lab specifically for use in cars requiring oils that have been approved by vehicle manufacturers.
Carrera lubricant bottles

Carrera range

A range of oils specially designed for powerful, high-performance cars. Used in the most demanding racing environments like the Dakar Rally.
Premium range lubricant bottles

Premium range

A range of motor oils formulated for cars requiring quality levels recommended by international organizations such as ACEA for European cars and API for American vehicles.
Performance range

Performance range

Formulated for vehicles requiring basic API quality and multi-grade viscosity.
AutoGas range

AutoGas range

A range of oils specially designed for LPG, VNG, and CNG vehicles. This range provides improved lubrication for greater resistance to rust and a longer useful life for your engine.
Single G range

Single G range

A range developed for cars requiring monograde viscosity and basic API quality level oils.
Isidre Esteve's car at the Dakar. Lubricants for passenger cars.

Cutting-edge technology tested in the most demanding racing environments

Repsol's new Elite range helps improve your vehicle's fuel economy while also reducing emissions.

We strictly comply with regulations in the sector to uphold our commitments to the environment.

Everything you need for your car

Transmission fluids
Brake fluid
Antifreeze and coolants
Looking after your vehicle

Transmission fluids

Two product ranges designed to meet the specific needs of your car.

Brake fluid

A full range of brake fluids that are suitable for use in all types of cars

Antifreeze and coolants

Products to keep you car in top condition by preventing freezing and boosting performance.

Looking after your vehicle

A wide range of products to help you keep your vehicle in tip-top condition.
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Quality products that comply with known quality standards, which demonstrate their high-performance capabilities, and ensure a safer driving experience.
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Commercial network

Find out where you can get our lubricants in your area.
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Repsol lubricants catalog

Find everything you need for your passenger car near you.
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Technical support

We're here to answer your questions and hear your suggestions.
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Environmentally responsible

Repsol's commitment to the environment.