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Transmission fluids

The perfect lubrication for your gearbox

These lubricants are specially designed for motorcycles with a dedicated gearbox lubrication sump that is separate from the engine. The Moto Transmisiones range ensures fast and precise gear changes. We apply the latest innovations to design top of the line lubricants that will maintain all the components of your motorcycle's gearbox in the best possible condition. Get optimal lubrication and drive safer, while protecting your gearbox, extending the life of your motorcycle, and achieving maximum performance.


A synthetic oil providing oustanding performance across a wide range of temperatures, as well as high resistance to shearing. Its JASO MA and MA2 friction levels ensure that oil bath clutches run with precise slipping control under any operating conditions.


A multigrade mineral lubricant recommended for lubricating motorcycle gearboxes with a separate sump from the engine requiring an API GL-4 level. It is designed for smooth and noise-free gear changes and to protect the synchronizers.


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