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Look after your motorcycle to extend the life of your engine

Discover our wide range of products to ensure your motorcycle is in perfect condition. Degreasers and cleaners that ensure a safer driving experience and lead to considerable savings on maintenance costs.

Repsol Moto brake & parts contact cleaner

This degreaser for brake discs and pads also eliminates grease, oil, dirt, brake fluid, and other contaminants from any part of the motorcycle, leaving surfaces clean and dry. It acts on the area extremely quickly and there is no need to rub. This product evaporates easily without leaving residue.
It cleans brakes, clutch ribbons, brake shoes, paints, plastics, varnishes, brake pads, and electric circuit parts, among others. Its composition makes it suitable for cleaning all types of surfaces without attacking paints, plastics, or brake pads.

Repsol Moto cleaner & polish

This product is a cleaner for the metal, fiber, and plastic parts of the motorcycle. It removes dirt, grease, and insect remains without water. It polishes and protects chrome, painted, and plastic surfaces without damaging them thanks to its specific formula. An easy to handle spray, making it possible to access all parts of the motorcycle.

Repsol Moto degreaser & engine cleaner

We have designed a degreasing cleaner for motorcycle engines. Its great penetration power makes it possible to remove oil, dirt, and grease from all the metal engine parts. 

It acts immediately and guarantees easy cleaning after application.  It cleans the transmission chain and all other parts of the engine perfectly. It also cleans the dirt from splashes while driving.

Repsol Moto silicone spray

This silicone-based cleaning spray boosts the shine of your motorcycle's rubber parts. It is specially designed to coat and protect all rubber, soft plastic, and synthetic leather surfaces. It protects them from the sun and rain and recovers their original sheen. 

It is a direct-use product that coats surfaces with a shiny, protective film. Moto SILICONE SPRAY keeps off dust and repels humidity, enhancing the colors of your motorcycle.

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