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Antifreeze and coolants

Protect your engine and increase driving safety

Engine refrigeration is essential to ensure that your motorcycle works properly. Your safety is our priority, so we designed a range of coolants that will help prevent corrosion of all the metals in engine cooling circuits.

Repsol Moto coolant antifreeze 50%

Designed at the Repsol Technology Center, Coolant Antifreeze 50% provides optimal protection against the corrosion of all metals and alloys in state-of-the-art vehicle cooling circuits. It is particularly recommended for high-pressure aluminum engines where protection at high temperatures is of the utmost importance, although it is suitable for use in all types of cooling circuits. 

Additionally, this product is designed for direct use as it contains treated water to prevent corrosion and hazards caused by the formation of calcareous deposits. This product is environmentally friendly as it does not contain nitrites, amines, and phosphates (NAP free). It is compatible with the metals and alloys present in cooling circuits: aluminum, copper, cast metals, brass, and the most modern alloys. Moreover, its high thermal resistance allows for excellent engine cooling without fluid boiling and that way preventing cavitation. Additionally, it is compatible with joints, seals, and paints.

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