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4-stroke engines

Four-stroke Marine Lubricants

Regardless of the type of engine and fuel you use, you will find an optimal lubrication solution within the Repsol Lubmarine line for four-stroke engines, approved by large engine manufacturers and boasting the guarantee provided by millions of service hours with our oils.


AURELIA TI 3020 and TI 4020 are lubricants for trunk engines, developed for use in both marine and stationary medium-speed engines which use residual fuels with low sulphur content (S≤ 0,5%) in accordance with IMO 2020. AURELIA TI combines a new and exclusive formula of the best, cutting-edge additives along with highly-refined bases, which give the resulting oil a substantial margin of performance given the high levels of stress to which the lubricant has been submitted in the latest engines and even in future diesel engine developments.

AURELIA TI conforms to leading manufacturer standards of medium-speed engines: WÄRTSILÄ, MAN, CATERPILLAR MaK, YANMAR, DAIHATSU, HIMSEN, ROLLS ROYCE, etc.


Next-generation lubricant oils developed for medium-speed four-stroke engines used in the maritime sector and stationary engines that work with residual fuels. The main characteristics of this lubricant oil are its detergency and dispersancy properties in a wide range of temperatures, its resistance to rust, and excellent protection against engine wear. Oil with an alkaline reserve of 30 that allows for acids formed in combustion to be neutralized, preventing corrosion in the system.


The combination of an exclusive, brand-new additive chemical along with the use of highly refined bases provide the end product with wonderful performance in application at the level of combustion acid neutralization, anti-oxidant oil capacity, and protection for different metal parts of the engine. Oil with a higher alkaline reserve that keeps the engine clean and protected when working with heavy fuel oils with high sulfur contents.


For all engines that work with heavy fuel oils with high sulfur contents and low lubricant consumption, Repsol Lubmarine offers the market an oil with a strengthened alkaline reserve to neutralize combustion acids and protect equipment against corrosion at all times. Low lubricant consumption involves more lubricant contact time with combustion acid gases, thus necessitating a high alkaline reserve in order to protect the engine. Using the same additive chemical used in the rest of the AURELIA line, this lubricant allows low lubricant consumption engines to work properly with residual fuel oils.

DISOLA M 3015 & 4015

DISOLA M 3015 and 4015 are lubricants developed for use in both marine and stationary medium-speed engines, which use distilled fuels with a low-sulfur content. DISOLA M is an exclusive and innovative formula with state-of-the-art additives and highly-refined bases. DISOLA M conforms to leading manufacturer standards of medium-speed engines: WÄRTSILÄ, MAN; CATERPILLAR MaK, YANMAR, DAIHATSU, HIMSEN, ROLLS ROYCE, etc.


This maritime industry lubricant oil is designed for four-stroke turbocharged and high revolution diesel engines, running in the most extreme work conditions on fishing vessels, leisure boats, auxiliary port vessels, and merchant ships.

The oil prevents segments from sticking, protects the engine against corrosion, oxidation, rust, and foam formation. It is noted for its excellent detergency and dispersancy capabilities, its high alkaline capacity, and its shear resistance that allows it to keep the proper viscosity through the oil’s useful life inside the engine.


MARINO 3 is a lubricant line recommended for modern fast and semi-fast engines using distillate and semi-distillate fuels up to contents of 1% sulfur or MDO. These lubricants provide a high capacity of detergency, neutralize the acids formed in combustion thanks to their alkaline reserve, and have excellent thermal stability.


Diesel Serie 3 MT 40
Monograde lubricant suitable for conventional and turbo-charged diesel engines in extreme conditions. It is especially recommended for engines that require MTU Type 2 quality level or Caterpillar CMOT certification.

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