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Repsol Náutico 2T Outboard & Jet Ski

We developed REPSOL NÁUTICO 2T OUTBOARD & JET SKI, a lubricating oil for two stroke outboard engines using highly refined mineral oil bases and ash-free additives. This lubricant exceeds the requirements of the main manufacturers, including those with cutting-edge technology thanks to its NMMA TC-W3 certification. This means that it can be used in all boats or jet skis whose manufacturer recommends this quality level, and it makes it possible to thoroughly enjoy the experience of riding a powerful jet ski, while ensuring maximum mechanical protection.

Repsol Náutico 4T Diesel Board 15W-40

The REPSOL NÁUTICO 4T DIESEL BOARD 15W-40 lubricants are multigrade and are designed for modern, water-cooled inboard and outboard four-stroke diesel engines of nautical vessels. 

Its balanced formula meets the demanding requirements of marine engine manufacturers. The use of these lubricants allows recreational boats to work in the most extreme conditions.

Repsol Náutico 4T Gasoline Board 10W-40

REPSOL NÁUTICO 4T GASOLINE BOARD 10W-40 is a multigrade marine lubricating oil specially designed for water-cooled inboard and outboard four-stroke gasoline engines of nautical vessels. Its additives provide excellent protection against corrosion and rust, and it is an NMMA FC-W certified oil. This oil is intended for recreational boats whose users seek maximum engine efficiency.


REPSOL NÁUTICO TECH 2T is a lubricating oil for two-stroke outboard high performance engines. The formula with highly refined mineral bases and exclusive additives provides outstanding performance in jet skis, ensuring the best corrosion protection. It meets the requirements of the NMMA TC-W standard.
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