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Turbine oils

A range of lubricants that meet the needs of the most-cutting edge facilities, exceeding the quality levels of the large manufacturers

Designed to protect equipment from corrosion and wear, minimize the build-up of deposits and varnish, ensuring a long lifespan and extended periods between oil changes which reduces shutdown time and maintenance costs.


Repsol Aries
Lubricant obtained from selected paraffin base oils to which oxidation, rust, and anti-foam inhibitor additives are added to provide them with excellent properties and outstanding operational performance.

Turbo Aries

Repsol Turbo Aries
In order to comply with the requirements of the different turbine manufacturers in terms of oxidation resistance, Repsol has developed a lubricant with excellent TOST and RPVOT values in line with the strictest regulations. These oils have also passed radiation exposure tests, obtaining certification for use in nuclear power plants. They are specially recommended for nuclear and thermal power plant steam turbines requiring oils resistant to oxidation, rust, and with an extended service life.

Aries Turbo Gas

Repsol Aries Turbo Gas

Lubricant formulated with high-quality mineral bases and high-pressure additives for use in steam turbine units with dividers. 

It is especially suitable for turbines and compressors equipped with dividers which, in addition to excellent anti-oxidation and anti-rust properties and an extended service life, also require extreme pressure properties to minimize wear of components subjected to friction in boundary layer lubrication.

Aries Turbo Gas CC

High-performance lubricant formulated with hydrogenated base oils, specially designed to lubricate cutting-edge gas and combined cycle turbines that require a lubricant with higher anti-oxidant properties than other mineral-based oils.
For use on turbines that reach high temperatures and require oils with exceptional resistance to oxidation which multiplies its service life. It has incorporated extreme pressure additives which allow the lubricant to be used in gearboxes located in the turbine generator shaft.
This lubricant has excellent resistance to sludge and varnish deposits, making it suitable for gas turbines, steam turbines, and turbo-compressors that run at high temperatures and require high-performance lubricants.

Comander Blue EHC

Comander Blue EHC
Fire-resistant, high-performance hydraulic fluid designed for use in electric-hydraulic control systems in steam turbines, including systems that use fine tolerance servo-valves. As it is synthetic, any change from a universal fluid to a product of this nature must undergo review as its compatibility with joints is notably different.
Its main uses are in steam turbine control systems in conventional thermal power plants and as a lubricant in gas turbines in nuclear power plants near heat sources. This lubricant is classified as easily biodegradable, meaning it is much more environmentally friendly than mineral-based fluids.

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