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Refrigeration equipment

Refrigeration equipment

These lubricants are designed for home and industrial cooling applications. The base oils employed are either mineral or synthetic, and all are compatible with major coolant gases.

Ice Oil S

Low temperatures are no longer a problem for lubricants in refrigeration equipment, air conditioning, or industrial cooling with HFC coolant gases thanks to Repsol's synthetic lubricant for compressors, ICE OIL S. This synthetic lubricant’s properties include high viscosity, a low freezing point, thermal stability, and anti-corrosion protection, among others.

Ice Oil

The lubricant ICE OIL is recommended for industrial equipment thanks to its capability to lubricate provided by its naphthenic oil compounds for freon, ammonia, and carbon dioxide compressors. This lubricant has a low flocculation point, minimal soot formation, resistance to oxidation, and a low freezing point.

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