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Oils, greases, and industrial lubricants

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Our lubricants for industry



We have a wide range of hydraulic oils that meet all kinds of needs. They guarantee the best lubrication for your equipment and provide the required strength and reliability, even when working in extreme conditions.



This range of oils has been developed for industrial gear assemblies with high transmission load requirements. They have exceptional anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, demulsification, and anti-foam properties.

Turbines - Lubricants industry


Designed to protect equipment from corrosion and wear, minimize the build-up of deposits and varnish, ensuring a long lifespan and extended periods between oil changes which reduces shutdown time.

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Compressors and refrigeration equipment

The key to keeping your compression equipment operating efficiently. For proper maintenance and operation of industrial plants, it is fundamental to ensure the proper lubrication of air compression, process gas, and vacuum pump equipment



Our industrial lubricant range includes dielectric lubricants. Repsol has proven experience in this industry segment and a wide range of products for use as insulators and coolants in transformers.

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Heat transfer

Heat transfer processes are crucial in most industries. Repsol has worked on developing suitable lubricants for efficient use in these processes in closed heating systems. 

Lubricants industry Circulation


Our Circulación range has been specially designed to lubricate bearings under very severe service conditions such as water contamination and are normally used in rolling mills.

Food Grade - Industrial lubricants

Food Grade

This range covers the most demanding lubrication needs of machinery in the food processing industry, which could possibly come into contact with foodstuffs.

Refrigeration machinery

Metalworking industry

Repsol's different oil ranges for the metal industry cover the majority of this industry's demands today: Maker Ibercut, Ibertem, Empatem, and Laminox.

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Special application oils

These oils are designed with metalworking industry in mind. At Repsol, we can develop a range of customized products aimed at meeting the high demands and peculiarities of this industry.


Gas cogeneration

Repsol’s constant technological innovation has led to the development of lubricants that perfectly meet the needs of stationary gas cogeneration engines

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This lubricant range offers varying levels of viscosity. The high oiliness and the protection provided make these products exceptional for lost oil lubrication. The range also includes biodegradable, environmentally-friendly varieties.

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Biodegradable products

Repsol oils for biodegradable products are designed considering the challenges this industry faces. An industry with increasingly stricter environmental regulations that require biodegradable products that do not contaminate the environment where they are utilized.