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Our lubricants for industry

Food Grade
Gas cogeneration
Heat transfer
Refrigeration equipment
Special application oils

Circulating oils

Lubricants that provide the strength and reliability required by large bearings.

Compressor oils

The key to keeping your compression equipment operating efficiently. At Reposl, we develop high-quality oils for compressors.

Dielectric fluids

Our industrial lubricant range includes dielectric lubricants. Repsol has proven experience in this industry segment and a wide range of products for use as insulators and coolants in transformers.
Food Grade

Food Grade

This range covers the most demanding lubrication needs of machinery in the food processing industry, which could possibly come into contact with foodstuffs.

Gas cogeneration

These next-generation oils are specifically designed to meet the needs of gas cogeneration engines.

Gear oils

They have exceptional anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, demulsification, and anti-foam properties, as well as a high load capacity.
T. de calor

Heat transfer oils

Heat transfer fluids with excellent resistance to oxidation. For use in closed circuits.

Hydraulic fluids

They guarantee the best lubrication for your equipment and provide the required strength and reliability, even when working in extreme conditions.

Multi-purpose lubricants

This lubricant range offers varying levels of viscosity. The excellent oil levels and the protection provided make these products exceptional for lost oil lubrication. The range also includes biodegradable, environmentally-friendly varieties.
M. Frigoríficas

Refrigeration equipment

These lubricants are designed for use at very low temperatures, such as cooling, air conditioning, and industrial refrigeration.

Special application oils

These oils are designed with metalworking industry in mind. At Repsol, we can develop a range of customized products aimed at meeting the high demands and peculiarities of this industry.

Turbine oils

Designed to protect from corrosion and wear, minimize accumulations of deposits and the formation of varnish, ensuring a long lifespan and extending the period between oil changes.

Repsol's principles

The pillars of our philosophy: allowing us to be the ideal partner in driving your business to success.
  • Façade and entrance to the Repsol Technology Lab


    Around 400 researchers and scientists work on the development of our products at our state-of-the-art laboratory in Europe—our nexus of innovation.
  • Technical support

    However specific the needs of your industry may be, our engineers can create customized solutions.
  • Production

    Your facilities can be in any country, and ours too. This means we are capable of meeting any need, anywhere.
  • Commitment

    Just like you, we are committed to protecting the environment. That's why we control the production process from start to finish.

Commercial network

We take our planet into account from the very start: when creating our lubricants.

Lubricants FAQs

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